Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Trucks and Established Concepts Rolling in to DFW this Fall

As the weather cools off we should start to see more new trucks hitting the road. New truck roll outs started in September and October will bring a few more to the streets.

In a reopening of sorts, Rockstar Bakeshop is rocking again, under new owners.  The previous owners, Denver and Kristin Leonard closed the truck in May. In July it was purchased by a new owner, Craig Garza who spent the summer recreating the whoopie pies that we all had come to love. I was fortunate to try a taste test of the pies of the new owner and found them to be very good. You can follow Rockstar on Facebook and Twitter to find out where you can get whoopie pies again.

Picture from Taco Bueno's Facebook Page
I mentioned a few posts ago that I expected to start seeing more restaurants opening food trucks.  This will be not only local mom & pop restaurants but franchised trucks of established chain restaurants. Taco Bueno is one of the established brands that had opened a food truck in DFW. I had hoped to speak to someone at Taco Bueno about the truck but other than exchanging a few emails never was able to get full information. From the truck's Twitter account it looks like it will serve in both North Texas and South Oklahoma.  You can follow the truck on Twitter at TaGo Bueno Truck to find out where they will be serving.

And just as a note,  I have heard rumors that Chick Fil-A applied for a food truck permit in Fort Worth last month. I have tried to reach out to Chick Fil A but they haven't been forthcoming with their response. I know there is a Chick Fil-A truck in Washington DC, looks like DFW could be next on the list for a mobile restaurant.

Another truck that rolled out in September is Woké. This wok truck has a build your own dish menu where you choose your own type of noodle, vegetables, meat and sauce and they will wok it for you.  I am excited about this truck, which brings a style of cooking that has been lacking in the DFW streets. Woké has already served in Dallas and I am sure it won't take them long to get to Fort Worth. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter for specific locations.

Top Nosh is a truck that has set up in Fort Worth.  The menu is Asian fusion with tacos, banh mis and sloppy joes. You can find Top Nosh on Facebook and Twitter to get exact locations for this truck.

Speaking of restaurants opening food trucks, Fort Worth's Smokey's Barbecue has opened a food truck called The Q.   The Q will feature "Q Tips" as well as the meats currently served at the restaurant. You can get more details about the truck and where they will be operating on their Twitter page.

Mo Joe A Go Go will be the Metroplex's first full size coffee truck. In addition to serving fresh drip coffee the truck will serve lattes, mochas, loose leaf teas, espressos, and smoothies, along with fresh pastries.  Everything served is fresh including sustainable, organic coffees and there will not be GMO, high fructose corn syrup, or anything artificial served from the truck. Also, Mo Joe A Go-Go has partnered with Heifer International and will be donating a portion of ever sale to purchase farm animals for families and educate them on best methods of care for these animals in developing countries.  The truck should be rolling by the end of September and will first focus on the areas around the colleges in  Denton and Grayson Counties and South Oklahoma. You can follow Mo Joe A Go Go on Facebook and Twitter for more information on their opening date.

Photo from Mischa's Kitchen Facebook Page

Misha's Kitchen is DFW's first Russian food truck.  Their menu shows items such as pierogies, caviar sandwiches and crepes, Russian dumplings, cabbage rolls, Chicken Kiev and several other items.  I don't know the background of the owners of this truck, I am hoping they are Russian emmigrants and this food is true Russian style. Follow Misha's on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they open.

Flatlanders Taco Company  is the next taco truck to hit the streets of DFW.  The owners of this truck, Ashley and Ty grew up in the restaurant business. While living in Colorado they acquired the nickname "Flatlanders" which has been carried over to the truck name.  The tacos served off this truck will have a unique twist, with selections of crawfish, pork, avocado, chicken or pork serving as the base.  Each taco has its own accompanying salsa made of poblano cream or pineapple-habanero. The truck will also serve sides of street corn, avocado fries and avocado salsa. Flatlanders Taco Company is based in Grapevine and is working on service in that area and will also be at the Texas Food Truckin' Festival at the end of October. You can follow Flatlanders Taco Company on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

I am looking forward to trying these trucks and seeing what each brings to the streets of DFW.
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