Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Irving's Food Truck Trend Via City of Irving TV

For those who don't know, I have a full-time job and this blog is a side hobby. My office is in Irving, which means the trucks that come to Irving get my attention first. (It's all about convenience.)  Irving has been an interesting case study for food trucks. When the food truck trend first started, Irving was front and center on the rotation and there was a loyal group of followers that would visit the trucks.  After just a few months, the restaurants on MacArthur began to complain about the competition and they had to find new places to set up.

Now, the food trucks cover to Irving less; generally only at lunch or at a special event on the weekend. The lunch service is always at an office building and there is usually only one truck serving.  However, several times a year you can find a mini-food truck festival in Irving when a corporation sponsors food truck day for their employees.

This past spring the City of Irving TV station contacted me, wanting to do a segment on the food trucks and their experiences in Irving. In talking to the producer, we decided it was best to film at one of these larger events so that they could show the variety of trucks with Irving permits.  Several weeks ago, LaQuinta Corporation hosted an event and we scheduled to have the TV station cameras come to film.

I am so appreciative of the City of Irving's TV station coming out to talk to the truck owners and also to me. I do have to confess, this interview was probably the most selfish food truck thing I have done; the more businesses in Irving that invite the trucks out and the more Irving consumers that eat at the trucks increases the trucks that I get to visit, eat from and blog about.  A huge thanks to Miley from Easy Slider, who is always willing to talk on camera and make it look easy to sling sliders while being filmed. 
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  1. Food trucks have recently invaded my town and it has been one of the best things ever. I think they're popping up all across america now.
    New york, seattle, vancouver, I've seen them there.

    On dates downtown, we just usually grab a bite and keep window shopping! It's a lot better than being at a crowded food court or a pricey restaurant.



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