Friday, August 24, 2012

Bobby Flay's America's Best Home Cook Show

So, we take a quick break from food trucks to pass on some information that I received today.  Food Network is casting for a new show with Bobby Flay, America's Best Home Cook. I know a lot of you faithful readers are amazing cooks, so here is your opportunity to show off your skills.

To apply for an interview, please email with the following information:
  • Your name & the name of your teammate
  • Recent photos of you & your teammate
  • A short bio on you & your teammate (relationship, occupations, etc.)
  • Tell us why you are the best home cooks, please provide photos of your food
  • Tell us about the best parties you've thrown
  • Your contact information & current location
*Deadline to apply in Dallas is Friday, August 31, 2012.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lunch with A. Zombie Presidential Candidate in the Dallas Arts District

A. Zombie Enters the 2012 Presidential Race



New York, NY -- August 20, 2012 – The 2012 Presidential race is about to get more lively thanks to something quite dead – the news that A. Zombie, America’s first Zombie Presidential candidate, is entering the race.

A formidable third party contender for the nation’s highest office, A. Zombie is slated to announce his candidacy at a high-energy rally on Monday, August 20th at Westfield Horton Plaza in San Diego. The candidate and his human wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, will then commence a cross-country bus tour that will take them to six major U.S. cities including Tampa and Charlotte, where they will bring their pro-zombie message to the Republican and Democratic Conventions.

“My husband is someone who has dedicated his life and his afterlife to bringing equal viewing opportunities to all Americans,” said Mrs. Zombie. He’s the right man to lead the fight to bring zombies to everyone in America, and he won’t stop -- even if it kills him, again.”

The A. Zombie for President Campaign is organized by AMC Networks, home to AMC, WE tv, IFC and Sundance Channel. Satellite company DISH dropped these networks earlier this year because of an unrelated lawsuit and is now in the disadvantaged position of being the nation’s only major television provider without these channels and their popular shows.

A one-issue candidate, A. Zombie’s mission is to rally zombie fans around the country who don’t have access to these networks and shows to find an alternative television provider before the highly-anticipated third season premiere on October 14, 2012 of A. Zombie’s favorite show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, the most watched basic cable scripted drama series among DISH subscribers, according to the Nielsen company.

At present, A. Zombie’s campaign juggernaut is slated to motor to: San Diego (August 20); Dallas (August 24); Tampa for the Republican Convention (August 28); Atlanta (September 1); Charlotte for the Democratic Convention (September 3 - 4) and New York City (September 5).

For more information about the campaign, please visit:

About AMC Networks Inc.
Dedicated to producing quality programming and movie content for more than 30 years, AMC Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: AMCX) owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable television. AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv, and IFC Films produce and deliver distinctive, compelling and culturally relevant content that engages audiences across multiple platforms. The company also operates AMC/Sundance Channel Global, an international programming business, and AMC Networks Broadcasting & Technology, a full-service network programming origination and distribution company.


Amy Prenner
Dina White
Sal Cataldi

Marlea Willis

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

SlushWorks: Your Favorite Childhood Drink Has Gone Gourmet

One of my fondest memories of childhood is hopping on my bike, stopping by my neighbor's house to get my friend and heading down to the local convenience store to get "Slush Puppies", those overly sweet, icy drinks that made summers fun.  Who could have dreamed that twenty-some years later my fondest memories would be hopping in the car, picking up friends and heading down to the newest food truck to get a gourmet slush truck, Slush Works.  This is not your childhood slush, these are gourmet slushes made with all natural, simple ingredients: pure cane sugar, fresh fruit juice and herbs and spices. No mixes, no concentrates, nothing that comes in a power to be stirred until it dissolves.

The Slush Works menu is amazingly simple for a truck that brings out some pretty complex tasting beverages. You start with your "slush" base, for this visit it was Lemon, Coconut or Mango and then add in the "works": strawberry, mint, ginger, blackberry, caramelized pineapple or black tea. Or, if you are like me and could stand in front of a menu for three days and still not decide which combination you want to create, there are some standard combinations ideas up for the taking:

Ben Franklin: Coconut, lemon, mint

Dracula's Delight: Mango and Strawberry

The Arnold Palmer: Lemon and Black Tea

Crazy Coconut: Coconut and blackberry 

Or you just tell truck owners, Rob and Eric to "just make you something" you could end up with the very tasty

Passion fruit and coconut

All of these slushes were flavorful, with very fresh, clean taste, which is no surprise when you know that the owners of this truck are the same owners who had the Munch Box* truck in Fort Worth this past winter and spring. 

I tried to pick a favorite but the tastes are all very different but equally good.  The Arnold Palmer is very, very refreshing, the Dracula's Delight was sweeter but was a great blend of the fresh strawberry with the milder but more flavorful base of mango.  All of the lemon based slushes had a crisp tang that showed the flavor of the fresh lemon but didn't overpower the mixed in flavors. And nothing says summer more than a coconut based drink.  The best part about this truck is that Rob and Eric are having as much fun creating the flavors as their customers are having drinking them, so expect to see many more combinations coming to the streets. 
You can follow Slush Works on Twitter to find their locations; they will soon be serving across DFW.

*A note about the Munch Box, a kitchen fire took that truck out of commission. I had eaten at the truck but  wanted to try it again, to ensure that it was as consistently as outstanding  as the first time before I started writing my praises.  Unfortunately  I never got back that second time. Many of my followers have assured me that the loss was mine.  After now having gotten to know the owners and seeing how their creative process works, I agree that this loss was mine but am very excited about the things that they will be bringing to the streets, through not only Slush Works but through the Munch-Box family of trucks that they are dreaming about.
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