Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rockn' Rick's: Rocking Around The Metroplex

Rockin' Ricks has been out on the streets of Dallas for a couple of months now but generally is not in areas that I have easy access to on a regular basis.  Over the last couple of weeks, they have been doing service in Irving, so I was able to visit during lunch this week.

Before the truck ever hit the streets I had exchanged several emails with the owner and was under the impression that this was a Cajun truck.   When I got to the truck I was confused because even though the truck has a crawfish logo and  beads and a Krewe doll for decoration, the variety of the menu did not immediately make me think "Cajun".   After I returned to the office, I checked the Rockn Rick's website and sure enough, the truck is described as "All American Cuisine". With a menu of  Philly Cheese steak  Hamburgers, Po-Boys, Hot Dogs, Salads and Gumbo, I think this is an accurate description.

Because I went to the truck believing it was Cajun, I had already decided to order the shrimp po-boy and the gumbo.  Having grown up on the edge of Cajun country and spent my entire life eating shrimp and gumbo, these were going to be items that I hold to a high standard.

First up, the shrimp po-boy.  I was surprised when I picked up my order that the shrimp was grilled. Again, thinking this was a Cajun truck it never crossed my mind that the shrimp would not be fried. That said, the grilled shrimp was good and the remoulade sauce was some of the best I have ever had.  With a full dressed sandwich, I have no complaints about the lack of extra calories and fat.

The bread also threw me since I was expecting the traditional French loaf but was more of a triangular bun. It was very fresh and tasty, so again no complaints, just not what I had expected.

I was pleasantly surprised with the gumbo.  It was full of large pieces of white meat chicken and sausage and a nice base of white rice. The flavor was full but not overly complicated. I, personally, like my roux to be a bit thicker and darker but that is very much a personal preference and this roux was better than a lot that I have had at high end seafood restaurants.

Once I managed my expectations, with the understanding that this truck serves "All American cuisine", I can say that I enjoyed this truck and look forward to trying other menu items.

Rockn' Rick's is usually found in Dallas and is working hard to be able to operate in their home-town of Forney. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they will be and go try their All American menu. It's not Cajun but it is tasty.

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