Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep Ellum Food Truck Festival Rolls In June 22


Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally
Rolls in Friday, June 22

(DALLAS - June 14, 2012)
Over 12 food trucks will be rolling into Main Street for the Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally
on Friday, June 22 on the 2800 block of Main Street in Deep Ellum between Crowdus Street and Malcolm X Boulevard. Festivities begin at 6PM and end at 10PM.

The following food trucks from across the DFW Metroplex will be parked on Main Street: Nammi, Rock and Roll Taco, Easy Slider, Good Karma Kitchen, Zombie’s, Gepetto’s Pizza, and Rockstar Bakeshop. Make your own smorgasbord for supper. Pick and choose from Mexican street tacos, sliders, oven-fresh pizza, banh mi sandwiches, homestyle whoopie pies, and more.

Start your Friday night pre-game at the exclusive pop up bars on the patio of Zen Bistro and inside Ferralog Musical Services will serve beer and wine.
Make it a family affair. Sidewalk chalk and bean bag toss games will be available for kids and the young at heart. The Room Sounds will be playing a modern take on class rock music, Ducado Vega will bring his funk/rock sound to the stage, and Home by Hovercraft will open the show at 6 o'clock. Performances were booked by Deep Dallas Music.

DEEP ELLUM FOOD TRUCK RALLY will be located on Main Street between Crowdus Street and Malcolm X Boulevard. Hours of Operation: Friday, June 22 6PM - 10PM (or until the trucks sell out). FERRALOG MUSICAL SERVICES pop up bar will be located inside 2815 Main Street. ZEN BISTRO patio bar will be located at 2805 Main Street.

The event is produced by the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and the DFW Food Truck Group.
For more information, please contact Brandon Castillo at or (214) 785-8295.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crazy Fish...a non-traditional sushi truck

Disclaimer: I love sushi, I could eat it every single day for the rest of my life.

Back in December, when Dallas amended the regulations to allow food trucks to sell raw fish I had dreams of two of my favorite things coming together and forever more I would praise the awesomeness of sushi from a truck. Soon thereafter, DFW's first sushi truck, Crazy Fish announced they were hitting the streets.  Crazy Fish's website makes it very clear that this is not a traditional sushi menu, but I'm open-minded about my food and understand that raw fish is not high on everyone's list, so kudos to them for finding a way to bring sushi to the masses, even with non-traditional items like marinated beef or teriyaki chicken rolls.

With non-tradition as my guide, off I went to Crazy Fish. My first visit, I ordered 2 rolls; first, because I judge all sushi restaurant by their California rolls, I ordered the Crazy California roll and then, the roll being promoted that day, Asian Persuasion. While I waited, I took in the sauce bar, labeled "its all about the sauce" which is the shining star of Crazy Fish.  Seven sauces are available for your use, everything from soy to sriracha to wasabi to  various ginger sauces and honey sauce.  I love the options.

After a very short wait, I received my rolls, in an unlabeled pack. I opened the first pack and dove right in.  Because of the mild flavor, I assumed this was the Crazy California, but after doing some deconstructing found out that the milder of the two rolls was in fact the Asian Persuasion.  

The Asian Persuasion is made with salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, cucumber, wasabi cream and topped with sesame seeds.  As I said, the flavor was mild, to the point that even my toddler ate one of the pieces. 

Both the Crazy California and the Asian Persuasion rolls were smaller than your average sushi roll  and without sauce bordered on bland tasting. Rolls are $6.50 for 1 or $10 for two. 

Because I do love sushi, I was anxious to try Crazy Fish again, in hopes that my first day was an off-day in the full of flavor department. On my second visit, I intended to try the same items again but was intrigued by their new menu item, the "Crazy Tower". 

The menu shows that the Tower is made up of spicy tuna, crab salad, sweet n spicy tuna salad, avocado, topped with eel sauce and crunchy onions.   For $11.50, this is the most expensive single item on any DFW food truck so I was expecting to be awed with the best tasting item from any food truck. 

What I wasn't expecting was a Tower made up of so much rice, especially since rice is not listed as one of the ingredients on the menu. Yes, I know that Tower Rolls have rice in between fish layers but every Tower I have eaten has rice an equal size of the fish layer.  Even accepting the "non-traditional" concept of Crazy Fish, I believe the high ratio of rice to other layers made the whole Tower off-balance, which led to the "Not a Take Away Item" note. As soon as I took this picture, I picked up the Tower, it fell over and I lost the onion and half the spicy tuna layer.  "Not a Take Away" includes the 10 feet to where you plan to sit to eat. 

After I mixed the remaining layers, I took a bite and found the Tuna Salad layer.  This layer had an odd texture, which led me back to the truck to ask for more information about the ingredients in the salad. While I never got a straight answer to my direct question I was told that this layer was a mixture of tuna and other things to make the sweet n spicy salad. I understand the need to protect recipes and proprietary information but this was the first time I have asked a straight question to a food truck owner and did not get a straight answer. All I can tell you was the texture was very much non-traditional and left to my own guessing and being unable to get more information I would say the texture was much like that of canned tuna. 
Tuna Salad layer
After two trips to Crazy Fish, I have determined that I am very much a traditional sushi girl.  I would love to see Crazy Fish up the size and flavor of their rolls and scale down the rice ratio of the Tower; more specific details about their ingredients would also be appreciated. For $11.50, I expect something that is a higher level than any other truck out, unfortunately "Tuna Salad" made with what I believe to be canned tuna does not get me to the level where I feel like this truck is my sushi dream come true. 

If you are a non-traditional sushi girl or guy, you can follow Crazy Fish on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they will be rolling next. 
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