Thursday, April 19, 2012

Addison Allows Food Trucks In Pop Up Truck Park

Addison is the most recent suburb to allow food trucks, under a special arrangement between the town, the Savoye Apartments and U.S. Food Trucks.

Each Thursday evening, 4 - 6 food trucks are invited to the pop up park, with the line-up changing every week. Today, the line-up included Gandolfo's New York Deli, Rock and Roll Tacos, Nammi, Easy Slider and Enticed Shaved Ice.

The location was beautiful, with lots of green space for picnicking, tables for those who preferred and plenty of space for walking and standing without being crowded. Add in a DJ playing fun music and free beer to those over 21 and free, convenient parking and this is  one of the best truck parks around.

There are plans to add more dates and activities to the park, all leading up to a Food Truck Festival on June 9, 2012. Mark your calendar and make plans to bring family and friends to visit the truck park each Thursday. Follow US Food Trucks on Facebook and Twitter to get each week's truck line up.

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