Saturday, March 17, 2012

Denton Considering Allowing Food Trucks Throughout City

A week after several food trucks had successful days at 35 Denton Music Festival, the City of Denton is closer to approving a City Ordinance to allow food trucks to operate inside the City limits, on a permanent basis.  The Ordinance change has been in discussion for several months and the proposed draft is ready for view and discussion. You can find the Ordinance here, its is scheduled for vote on April 3.  Prior to the vote, City Councilman, Kevin Roden would like to hear from anyone with an interest in the issue. A public hearing is set for Tuesday, March 20 at 3:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers and all are invited to attend. 

At this point, food trucks are only allowed to operate in Denton for special events, such as the 35 Denton  Music Festival. The University of North Texas campus is exempt from the City ordinance regarding food trucks and two trucks, The Angry Friar and Lee's Grilled Cheese operate on campus on a daily basis. 

If you would (or wouldn't) like to see food trucks through the City of Denton or have comments on the proposed Ordinance, please attend the public hearing or email Councilman Roden and let him know your thoughts. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Truck Events for March

The Spring season always brings festivals to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and this year, the festivals involve the food trucks, with an event or two every weekend for the next several months. Here is a listing of March events. 

March 16 - March 17: Friday and Saturday evening : is the soft opening of Food Truck Park in the South Parking lot of Valley View Mall.  March 16  trucks are:  Little Vessel Grill, Dos Paisanos, Four Seasons and Cup-Cakin. March 17 trucks are Little Vessel Grill and Cup-Cakin.  Valley View Shopping Center is at 13331 Preston Road in Dallas. Each week will feature different trucks and food. 

March 16: Spring Break Party in the Dallas Arts District, 6:00 - Midnight.  Celebrate Spring Break with the museums in the Arts District. The trucks will be set up on Harwood, next to the Dallas Museum of Art. Have dinner with City Street Grille, Easy Slider Truck, Gandolfo’s New York Deli, Green House, Nammi, Rock and Roll Tacos, Enticed, Ssahm BBQ, The Butcher’s Son, Trailercakes, Tin Star Taco Taxi, TX Delizioso. A schedule of events at the Museums can be found here

March 17: St Patrick's Day Pop-Up Food Park. After the Greenville Ave St. Patrick's Day Parade, the food trucks will have a pop up truck park with Trailercakes, Ruthie's Rolling Cafe, Nammi, Cane Rosso, and Easy Slider Truck. The park will be at 2001 Greenville Ave. 

March 23 - 24: Truck Park at Valley View Shopping Center South Parking Lot. Friday night trucks are Rock and Roll Tacos, Little Vessel Grill, Nammi, Ssahm BBQ and Cup-Cakin.  Saturday Trucks are Ssahm BBQ and Little Vessel Grill. (trucks may be added)

March 24: Truck Stock. 17 food trucks plus one music truck in one location.To date,  the largest food truck event in DFW. Trucks scheduled to participate are  The Butcher's SonGandolfo's New York Deli DallasNammi TruckRuthie's Rolling CafeLee's Grilled CheeseCup-CakinSo-Cal TacosTin Star Taco TaxiLittle Vessel GrillJack's ChowHound, Rock N Roll Tacos, Gepetto's Pizza, Rollin' Diner & Grill, Three Lions, Zombie's Food Truck, Four Seasons and Dos Paisanos.  Truck Stock will be at 1881 Sylvan in Dallas. 

March 31: Stonewall Food Truck Field Day at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School. Cost of admission is $5 for adults, children are free. The admission fee goes to the Stonewall Gardens project, a living science lab at the school, who had funding cut by DISD.  A DJ will be on site and the playground will be open for the kids. Participating Trucks are  NammiRuthie's Rolling Cafe, Three LionsEasy Slider TruckEnticedGennarino'sCajun TailgatorsSsahm BBQThe Butcher's Son and TrailercakesField Day is from 11:00a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and is at 5828 E. Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. 

Check back in early April for even more events!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Vessel Grille: There Is Artistry In That Truck!

When I posted about trucks rolling out in February, I talked about a new truck called Little Vessel Grille and said that I knew very little about the truck. Since then, they have made some occasional postings and their followers frequently were sending me pictures of their food, but I still really did not have a feel for what this truck was about.

I finally made my way over to an event where they were operating and I found a surprising treat!  This truck has menu items called things like "Barque at the Moon" and "Fire In The Hole" which in and of themselves don't tell you much but thankfully the menu describes the items and Mary, one of the friendliest truck employees I have run across was very helpful in describing each item.

I opted for two items that were noted as being the most popular.

First up, the Samari Sizzlers: fried avocados, grilled chicken and blood oranges, drizzled with sweet and sour sauce, on a skewer, sitting a top of bed of fries. My first thought was "what's up with the fries?" and then I tasted one, or twenty. These fries are unbelievable good; shoestring cut potatoes, coated with herb and garlic and cooked to perfection!  I still don't really understand how the fries go with the Asian inspired meal, they are so good that I am not even going to question it... The fried avocado was crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, I could have made a meal on just the avocados. Luckily, I didn't have to do that, the grilled chicken was falling off the skewer and had a wonderful, sweet/sour fresh off the grill flavor and the blood oranges added a sweetness that meshed amazingly with the chicken and avocado.

Next I tried the "Blowin' Steam": chicken thigh meat, wrapped in bacon and served in a risotto filled Parmesan cone.  The chicken was cooked to perfection and the rich flavoring held its own with the slightly sweet bacon wrapped around each chicken cube, which seemed to have been cooked with a sweet glaze and sesame seeds. The Parmesan cone was light and crispy and filled with a creamy risotto.  I don't normally like risotto, finding it bland but with this, I broke the cone in to pieces and used it to dip in to the risotto. The combination was fabulous!  Blowin' Steam is  also served atop the previously mentioned fries and also with a side of Asian slaw.

It is these kinds of unique menu items that set food trucks apart. These items are why I wanted to blog about food trucks!  My only complaint about this truck is its  uninspiring appearance. The white exterior with decals does nothing to grab my attention and draw me in. There is some artistry taking place inside the truck, I wish you could see it from the outside, I want this truck to grab everyone who sees it.

You can follow Little Vessel Grille on Facebook and Twitter. Do yourselves a favor and track them down, I personally think they are one of the best trucks we have on the streets of Dallas.
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