Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eat St. Contest Update

There are seven DFW trucks competing for a segment on the Eat St. tv show. It seems that among the dozens of videos entered there has been some voting irregularities that have required a change in the voting structure. Please see the updated below, taken from the Eat St. Blog.   The trucks have already been notified of the changes and why they were made. I am so glad Eat St. caught these irregularities early and can make sure there is a level playing field for everyone!  Please continue to vote for the DFW food trucks, the best way to do that and ensure that your vote is counted is to vote from your home computer, using a valid email address. If multiple people are in your home or business, with separate email addresses, there can only be 5 votes from that IP address per day.

JAN. 11 UPDATE: We’ve been having amazing success with the Eat St. Contest so far! So much so, that we’ve uncovered some fishy activity that suggests cheating. Many vendors are working extremely hard to promote themselves and we don’t want to discount their hard work by allowing cheating of any sort. In light of the new developments, we’ve had to re-look at our voting policy.
The contest rules state that a single person may only vote once per video per day. Since one person can have many email addresses, the most common way to determine a person is by IP address. From now on, our policy will reflect that the same IP address may not have more than 5 votes per day. We apologize if the updated rules affect any of the organized, legitimate voting but it’s simply the easiest way to ensure cheating is eliminated.
Participating street food vendors, please help to educate your fans about the new change in policy. Let them know that voting with multiple email accounts is prohibited and encourage them to vote from their home computers. If you are facilitating any voting that comes from 1 computer or 1 IP address, encourage your fans to vote on their own computers independently.

Thank you for your participation and the huge support we received. We’re confident that with these policies in place, we will continue to hold a fair and fun contest.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Jett Sweets: Tasty and Fun Cupcakes

C is for Cupcake and that’s good enough for me!  I’m so glad we have several different cupcake truck/trailers in the Metroplex. Of the three I have visited so far, they are all unique, tasty and very supportive of each other. I’ve talked about the other two trucks, last, but certainly not least in my cupcake series is Red JettSweets out of Fort Worth.

Red Jett Sweets is a fun, fun cupcake truck! The owners are fun, the cupcakes are fun, and everything they do is fun! I’ve visited Red Jett a couple of times and have not been never disappointed.   

My first visit was early fall and I tried several flavors, both seasonal and standard and none disappointed. They are also adorable to look at! I don’t know which is better, the smell, the taste, or the cuteness of these cakes!  

The first time I visited Red Jett Sweets, the flavors of the day were Red Jett Velvet, Peter Pumpkin, Vanilla Echo, Chocolate Echo, Vanilla Chocolate and Chocolate Vanilla. Of course, in the name of blogging, I had to have one of each. The first thing you notice when you get one of these cakes is that the smell is amazing, fresh, sweet, yumminess, in a smell. That first bite is pure bliss!

My favorite is the Red Jett Velvet. Perfect Red Velvet cake and a cream cheese frosting that is the exact blend of sweet and creamy. Chocolate Echo and Vanilla Echo are standard flavors that Red Jett has on the menu on a regular basis. The Chocolate Echo is dark chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache. In other words, a chocolate lover’s dream come true! Vanilla Echo is a vanilla bean cake with cream cheese icing. Wow, the flavors in this were pure and strong. If you like vanilla, this is your cake! 

The Chocolate Vanilla and its opposite, Vanilla Chocolate were also tasty with flavors that let you know that everything was freshly made with high quality ingredients. During the late fall season, one of Red Jett’s seasonal items was Peter Pumpkin. I think the name should have been Peter Pumpkin Perfection!  The flavor was full, with the right spice blend that made you know that it was the holidays and it was perfectly okay to enjoy every bite of this dessert.

Around the end of December, I visited Red Jett and had two other flavors, Peppermint Cloud and Coconut. Again, I was not disappointed. The flavors proved that these cakes are made daily and brought straight to the customers! After much thought, I have decided that coconut is my favorite, coconut cake, butter cream frosting, covered with layer of shredded coconut. Pure cupcake perfection and it looks good too!

Red Jett has been busy the last few months. They very recently opened a kitchen co-op that is larger and more convenient than the commercial kitchen they previously used. Last week, they also were seen competing on Cupcake Wars. Although they did not win, they did a great job representing Fort Worth and we are all the beneficiaries of their experience. All month long, Red Jett’s special flavors will be those that they made to compete in the show’s Wicked theme. 

Follow Red Jett Sweets on Facebook and Twitter to find out their locations, they are both mobile and spend much of the weekends at the Fort Worth Food Truck Park. 
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