Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Cupcake Garden: Dallas's Newest Cupcake Truck

When it comes to food trucks, I do my best not to compare them to other trucks, each has its own style, even when serving the same types of food. This is especially true with the cupcake trucks, of which there are six across DFW.  Six different recipes, six different styles of frosting and six different ways of making itself unique.  I was looking forward to seeing how Dallas' newest cupcake truck, My Cupcake Garden set itself apart.

On the day of my first visit to the truck, I had an afternoon meeting at the office, so I decided to order a dozen to share with co-workers, on the condition that they help me with feedback.   I placed my order and was given the total of $48 plus tax! Wow!  It was then that I realized that each cupcake was $4, a higher price than any other cupcake  truck and there was no discount for purchasing by the dozen. This was going to be a hard one to not compare when I was use to paying about $1 less per cupcake.

I got back to the office, went to my meeting and we broke out the cupcakes. The first thing you notice is they are larger than other cupcakes from other trucks.  With an assortment of five flavors, we split things up and started our meeting.  At the end of the meeting, I asked everyone to email me their thoughts, which are outlined here:

Peanut Butter Cocoa Chips with Peanut Frosting:  Liked the chopped nuts inside, the chocolate chips were a nice surprise.  Had more of a muffin texture than cake texture, meaning  that it was dry.

Strawberry with Strawberry Frosting: The frosting made the cupcake, it was light and flavorful.  not a lot of flavor in the cake.

Cookies and cream:  all the flavor was in the frosting, but it was too sweet.   Cake was dry and bland.

Orange with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. Flavorful icing, cake was light but on the dry side.  Texture was more like a muffin; this would be good for breakfast.

Key lime:  Icing had a greasy taste.  Cake only had faint lime taste.

Overall, not the response I had wanted.  So, as is my practice before telling you about new trucks that may be having an off-day, I visited the truck again about 3 weeks later.  As I was studying the menu, the truck owner recommended her favorite, the red velvet, which I ordered, along with a carrot cake.

The red velvet had the best frosting of any of My Cupcake Garden's cakes.  Again, I found the cake to be drier than what I prefer. I do love the individual cupcake holders that My Cupcake Garden provides. Very easy to transport your cupcakes in!

The carrot cake was the most flavorful cake  of any of My Cupcake Garden's cakes. It was moister and had large raisins and thin slices of carrots baked in.  Unfortunately, I found this frosting to be have an oily taste.

All in all, I did not feel like I got my $4 worth from any of the cupcakes.  Most were much drier and lighter in flavor than I prefer. The icing was inconsistent in taste, on some cakes it was great, on some it was greasy and not very good.  I am hoping that as the truck evolves and refines its technique things become more consistent and the owners find a way to drop their price point. If you are going to have the highest price point, you have to prove your worth by having the best product.

You can follow My Cupcake Garden on Facebook and Twitter to find out where to find them. They can be found all over Dallas, both at lunch time and evening events.

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  1. It would seem that it would be better to start off with a low selling price while you are perfecting your product. As you build your business and improve your product, then price increases can be considered. LR Bergeron

  2. We actually had a few of these at work the other day. I split a cookies and cream, and strawberry with a coworker. The cupcakes are pretty big for what I'm used to and were pretty filling due to the "muffin" style consistency. That being said, I found the frosting especially unique. Would recommend giving them a try. Was my first food truck experience, will not be my last.

  3. We did an event with Dallas Harley-Davidson it was a 2 day event and I'm a Independent Contractor and I hired the Cupcake Garden and gave them a choice both days or one or the other they picked Friday over Saturday! They arrived over an hour late getting there. The event was from 9:00 AM-4:00PM they showed up around 11:00 AM they never showed anyone what the cupcakes in other words they were not displayed they kept the truck dark inside and only had 3 different flavors and they were very small for the price. Word got around what they were charging $4.00 for the small size, they looked like Wal-Mart CupCakes & Old tasting! She came up to me in my face demanding their money back and I said we would talk later but the contract they signed say's no refunds.. They left at 1:00 PM 3 hours earlier then when they were suppose to! Now they are Harassing Dallas Harley-Davidson who had nothing to do with Hiring them! Calls them and emails them everyday up to 10 times per day!! I would not recommend this company for anyone to do business with! This was just this past weekend! April 12th & 13th

  4. Big thumbs down. The cake was very dry and what made it worse was that it was $4. I will drive to sprinkles for a better cupcake for less.


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