Monday, October 15, 2012

Gandolfo's New Menu Rolls Out With Their Second Dallas Truck

I don't normally do multiple reviews on one food truck, for several reasons. 1. There are a lot of DFW trucks that I have not yet reviewed 2. I try to eat as many items as I can before I do a review, so I have a full picture of the truck and 3. While trucks may add items, they generally don't do a full overhaul of their menu, so if there's something new to talk about, I  post it on Facebook and Twitter but there is usually not a need to do a full blog post.

 Today's post is an exception because I am taking a second look at Gandolfo's. There are a couple of reasons for this:
                 1. The first write- up was one of the first I did and candidly, I've always hated it.  It was done at a time when there were only 3-4 people reading the blog, so I was not concerned with the full view of the truck.
                 2. After being on the road for well over a year, Gandolfo's menu has had a nearly full overhaul, along with the roll-out of a second truck. This overall is the most significant that I have seen on a truck that didn't completely rebrand itself.

 When it comes to food trucks, I personally think smaller menus are better.  I recently saw that the average number of menu items on truck was eight. Gandolfo's was certainly skewing the average, significantly, with literally scores of items.  With the new menu, that is no longer true. The standard favorites have stayed but generally, this is a whole new menu.

Even the favorites the remain on the menu may have had some changes  Take my personal favorite,the Bridge Hampton, with its turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato avocado, bacon on a hoagie roll.   The Hampton is still on the menu but its now served on sliced wheat bread.   I was skeptical about this bread change and just knew Gandolfo's was messing up a good thing, but I was wrong. The wheat bread is really good.  It's made with molasses, so it has a nice sweetness that holds it own with the meat and veggies.

Another change is the extension of the breakfast menu to around the clock service. Gandolfo's has always been available for breakfast service but now you can get your egg sandwiches at lunch or dinner time. I had the Polo Grounds: two eggs, American cheese, and bacon on a kaiser roll. Filling, fresh and tasty!

The biggest change to the menu is the addition of "Shorty" sandwiches and hot dogs.  These are 4 inch kaiser roll sandwiches or small size hot dogs The turkey shorty (on the right) is pure comfort food packed in to 4 inches: turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce on a soft kaiser.  Or if you are one who loves Gandolfo's pastrami, you can now get it in a smaller size but still with spicy mustard and grilled onions.

I did not try the shorty hot dogs but I expect they will become a favorite of the kids and late nighters who visit the truck.  These shorties will do well at festivals and large truck events, when people want to try smaller items from multiple trucks.

There are a couple other new menu items that I didn't get to try, including the knish and  new variations of full length hot dogs. But, based on the things I did try, I expect these items to be winners too. Overall, these menu changes are great and although the menu is smaller I think it will appeal to more people.

You can follow Gandolfo's Deli Dallas on Facebook and Twitter to find out where both of the trucks will be and where you can get all of these new items and many of your pastrami favorites.

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