Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Potato, Hot Potato

Comfort food...there's just some days when you want old-fashioned food, like Mom use to make. Then there are the days when you want to spice things up and try something different.  At Potato Potahto, you can do both, generally in the same meal.

Want a comforting, old-fashioned baked potato with butter, cheese, sour cream and chives? Try this.

Want some protein with those carbs? I highly recommend the potato with smoked brisket, cheese and picked red onions. This brisket some the best I have ever had. It truly melts in your mouth.

I promise, there is melt in your mouth brisket under all that cheese

In the mood for watching a football game but don't want the mess of Buffalo wings? Try the buffalo chicken baked potato.  Big hunks of white meat chicken, with tangy, but not too spicy hot sauce and loads of blue cheese.

All of my meals from this truck have fallen on the potato side (white russet) but the other side of the business is the potahto, sweet potato side.  I have talked to other customers who rave about the tasty sweetness of those potatoes.  For those who are eating on the lower calorie side of lunch or dinner, Potato Potaho also offers a 200 calorie option, with salsa, onions and chives. You can also build your own, with many other options including Greek yogurt, tomatoes, jalapenos, and various cheeses. 

Potato Potahto is generally in and around the Dallas area,  I visit them when they are in Irving.This is a great truck to find when you need that comfort food or you want to jazz up your day.  As they say on the end of their Facebook and Twitter messages, "you gotta eat".  It is true that you do and I recommend that you eat with Potato Potahto.  

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