Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food Traveler Truck: Bringing Street Food of the World to the Streets of DFW

When I first heard of Food Traveler Truck, I was thrilled, a food truck that served escargot...you cannot get much more gourmet than that! The Food Traveler Truck has one of, if not the most, unique menus of any truck rolling today. Everything is inspired by the owners' travels across the globe. I love the concept of bringing street food of the world to the streets of DFW!

On this visit I had the Mandu or Korean Dumplings
.  The order came with 5 nice size dumplings, filled with bulgogi beef and lightly fried to a perfect softness. These dumplings had a great flavor of various spices and the meat was filling. The side of sauce added to the flavors. I could see myself snacking on these for hours, order after order.

I also ordered the Jerk Wings.

The wings are described as Asian fusion meets Jerk Chicken and its the perfect definition! I LOVED these wings. The flavors are amazing; not too hot but full of spices that lingers after the bite is finished.  The wings come with a side of ranch but I felt like that toned down the flavor of the spices, so after one bite I reserved the ranch for the side of celery.

I've also heard great things about the Belgian Frites from Food Traveler, those and the escargot are up next for me.

I love this truck.  It is what I want all trucks in DFW to be, unique food with great taste.  You can follow Food Traveler on Facebook and Twitter to find out where there will be next. They are primarily in Fort Worth but on a regular basis are venturing to Dallas, Irving and on Saturday, July 20 will be in Addison.

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