Sunday, June 3, 2012

Truck Update For June

The summer slow down for new food trucks has begun this month. Back in February, March and April we were averaging one new truck a week. Things have slowed, for various reasons, including a couple of trucks that had hoped to be out last month and had some delays. Hopefully we will see The Food Traveler Food Truck and Rockn' Rick's hit the streets early in June. 

There is a new dessert truck planning to hit the streets this month, Cravetopia Bakery.  This truck will offer cookies and bundt cakes, including what the menu refers to as "boozy bundts"....Crown Royal Mini Bundt anyone?  The custom cookie photos that are on Cravetopia's website are beautiful! I cannot wait to see what this truck brings to the streets of DFW.  You can follow Cravetopia on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they will be rolling and where you can get one of their cakes or cookies. 

In the "not a new concept but rolling out a new truck" category, Gandolfo's New York Deli is in the final stages of rolling out their second truck, which I hope to see in June.  The second truck, named "Manhattan" will have several new items as well as the the favorite sandwiches you have come to expect from Gandolfo's. Follow Gandolfo's on Facebook and Twitter to find out about Manhattan's roll out date and the new menu items. 

There are also a couple of truck closing to tell you about. May saw the closing of Little Vessel Grill. This closing caught me off-guard, I had blogged about how unique this truck was and I was looking forward to seeing what summer options Little Vessel would be bringing to the streets. I do not know the reason behind the closing but the owner's post on Facebook indicated that he would continue to do catering, without the food truck. 

Also, Rollin' Diner Grill closed and sold their food trailer, with plans to open a new concept, in a full size truck. Unfortunately, life got in the way for the owners and Plan "B" also did not work out, so the truck is now for sale and the concept has been shelved. 

I believe this slowdown will last through the summer. With the heat rising, the coming truck owners realize that standing in a metal box, working over a cook top will take some acclimating and it is best to wait until fall to start hitting the streets.  Check back next month to see if anyone is braving the elements to bring DFW the next hot thing in gourmet cuisine. 

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