Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Trucks Help Raise Money and Build Awareness For Lake Highlands

Even after a year out on the streets, the food trucks of DFW continue to draw crowds and bring awareness to great causes. Such was the case Saturday night when the food trucks were invited to Lake Highlands on behalf of the Lake Highlands Branding Committee to participate in LH StrEATS. The goal of the event was to raise funds, through a $5 admission fee, for the Branding Committee to continue its work of uniting the community under one brand. 

Like all of the food trucks participating in the event I had often heard of Lake Highlands but had never been there, so I was not sure what to expect at this event.  As I drove up, I saw hundreds of cars, parked in a grass field and knew immediately that this event was going to be a success.   

For two solid hours, I watched the lines for the eight food trucks in attendance continually have 30 - 40 people. Some lines moving more quickly than others but only one truck sold out completely before they left for a private event at another location. While the trucks were serving, singer Annie Benjamin was entertaining the crowds with singing and kids played in the water fountains. 

By the time the trucks rolled away, the Lake Highlands Branding Committee estimated that 2,000 people had  passed through the festival and by all accounts the event was a success for everyone.  Branding Committee Media Contact Ginger Greenberg said, "We think the event was a success on two fronts – one, it helped us the word out about the branding initiative and two, it demonstrated that the Lake Highlands Town Center is ready for retail and restaurants – we are hungry for it. We were very pleased with the event and hope to repeat it---with more food trucks."

Showing that food truck events are win/win for all, food truck owner, Christina MacMicken of Good Karma Kitchen told me that this 3 hour event was the best day they had ever had since opening in December.  

As more and more groups look for ways to raise funds and provide something unique to their members, food trucks events like the one in Lake Highlands are something that will be considered more and more often.  With the right number and variety of trucks attendees can be sure that every member of the family will eat well,  event sponsors can be sure that funds will be raised, relatively easily and food trucks can know that on a hot summer night they can sell to hundreds of excited customers. 

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