Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rockstar Bakeshop... Rocking the Whoopie Pies

What a shooting star Rockstar Bakeshop has been riding since last summer. In just a few months I have watched this truck and its owners, Kristin and Denver begin with selling whoopie pies, on the weekends at local farmer's markets to then arranging to set up their folding table along side the trucks at high traffic areas to finally, in March, rolling out their own truck, named Layla.

Voodoo Child, chocolate cake, butterscotch ganache, vanilla buttercream, rolled in brown sugar   
I have to admit that I had never had a whoopie pie before crossing paths with this mobile bakery, so I was not sure what to expect. My first meeting with Rockstar was when they set up with two  trucks, in Irving in order to sell their whoopie pies.  That visit would be the first of many visits,  For the first several months of business, Rockstar paired up with several of the established trucks, selling from their trucks or along side them.  For those trucks that they sold from, in several situations they custom made whoopie pies to be sold exclusively on that truck.

Each whoopie pie is named for a classic rock song, selections like "Smoke On the Water", "Voodoo Child" and "Proud Mary". Rockstar also makes seasonal whoppie pies, which don't necessarily have song names but are guaranteed to help you celebrate the season, "Lucky Leprechaun" in March, "Santa Baby" and "Happy Elf" in December.

White Rabbit, carrot cake with white chocolate cream
I could go in to great detail about each flavor, but they change regularly and honestly, I have not found one I don't like. I do have a favorite, "Kung Fu Fighting" (vanilla cake, lychee frosting, rolled in coconut) which is exclusive to the Nammi truck.Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that one but a along with having an exclusive Nammi truck flavor, Rockstar has an exclusive Easy Slider flavor, Banana Pancake.

Banana Pancake Whoopie, exclusive to Easy Slider Truck
Each whoppie, regardless of whether the the cake is chocolate or vanilla, it is always moist and holds the flavor of frosting well.  Each filling of frosting is delicious.  You won't get a tiny schemer of frosting on these pies, the frosting is thick and sweet and the outer decoration, be they sprinkles or coconut or sugar add just the right finishing touch. Honestly, I have eaten most of the flavors from Rockstar and they are all equally good!
Ace of Spades,  vanilla cake, marshmallow fluff & chocolate ganache, rolled in graham crackers

If the large size whoopie is more than you are looking for, Rockstar also offers mini whoopies. These small size desserts give you just a taste of yumminess without you feeling like you have eaten enough sugar for the day.
Mini whoopies

One of my favorite features of Rockstar is that if you place a custom order they will customize the labels for you. I did this for Teacher Appreciation Week and the teachers all loved the whoopies and the fact that they had a personalized message on them.

Rockstar is one of those unique trucks that continually changes things and offers something new.  To know where to find Rockstar and their flavors of the day or season, be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. These are insanely delicious and the owners couldn't be nicer. I just can't wait until I see them for Food Truck Tuesdays. The woopies are about softball size so totally worth the $3. You'll just go into a little happy coma after eating these. YUM!


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