Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rock and Roll Tacos Opens a Restaurant on May 31

Rock And Roll Tacos:  Music To Your Mouth

Dallas, Texas, May 22, 2012 – What sounds delicious and will turn your taste buds up to 11? 

A New Restaurant in Deep Ellum, that’s what! Rock and Roll tacos will be opening their doors to the public at their grand opening on May 31, 2012 inside La Grange at 2706 Elm Street.

Rock and Roll Tacos resurrects Rock & Roll, the timeless blending of musical traditions topped off with sour cream and house Salsa.  The restaurant is located in La Grange, which has been open for three years.  Although new to the restaurant business, James Quinonez and his wife, Mary Ann Quinonez, have joined forces with La Grange owners Stephanie and Rob Schumacher to open this rocking new restaurant.  Before starting the restaurant, James and Mary Ann were already well known for supplying gourmet food to Dallas with their premier food truck.  Although these trucks serve a wide variety of food, Rock and Roll Tacos is a decidedly Mexican restaurant with a rock and roll feel.  Lining the walls are classic, vinyl albums representing a variety of artists and styles.  From Chumbawumba to Depeche Mode, the walls of this restaurant are a who’s who of classic rock, as well as all around good music.  Further adding to ambiance is the truck bed of a 1954 Chevy which has been converted into a salsa bar.  Finally, tying the restaurant together is the Gubar, a massive guitar transformed into a table top.  You’ll need to see it to believe it.

James and Mary Ann plan to go all in with serving lunch, happy hour, dinner.  Insomniacs, don’t worry, they serve late night as well.  On Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant serves its full menu until 4am. Beyond that, Rock & Roll Tacos plans on making each experience memorable, with their Funday Sunday Brunch, the team preparing food on the patio outside, and even a snow cone tiki bar.

Rock & Roll Tacos is in for some busy nights, so be sure to mark your calendars and get there early to experience the taste of rock and the sound of tacos!  Rock and Roll may be on the decline, but James Quinonez is bringing it back.  And the taste is better than ever.
Thanks to Rock and Roll Tacos for sharing this press release. Congrats on your new location to compliment the food truck!

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