Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Will Bring in Nine New Trucks to DFW

In April, I told you about six new trucks preparing to roll out. As with many things in the food truck business, things often do not go as scheduled and four of those were delayed, for various reasons.  Expect to see The Food Traveler Truck and Auntie Am's at the Cowtown Chowdown and Cafe Con Leche and Rockn Rick's out on the streets of Dallas,  in May.

Backtracking to April, I failed to mentioned, Free Wheel'n Cafe, which hit the streets of Dallas in Mid-April. This gourmet burger and cheesesteak truck is making the rounds of Dallas, including a weekend visit to the Deep Ellum Brewing Company.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they are serving next.

At the very end of April, it was announced that Los Angeles and Austin's favorite ice cream sandwich truck, Coolhaus would be opening a DFW truck, operated by Gary and Teena from Nammi. Coolhaus made their debut at Downtown Frisco StrEATs and as expected, the lines were long as people wanted to taste chicken & waffles ice cream with potato chip cookies or Guinness ice cream on chocolate chip cookies.  Follow Coolhaus on Twitter or check the website for their schedule, which is still in the final stages of planning.

Finally, after months of waiting and many, many people asking, Dallas finally has a sushi truck!  Crazy Fish has their debut on Wednesday, May 2 and will also be out May 3. This will not be your average sushi restaurant, the menu provides something for everyone. In addition to fish, Crazy Fish offers chicken or beef sushi and many cooked options. Follow Crazy Fish on Facebook and Twitter for more information about where they "roll".

May 11 will bring us the Texas Food Truck Festival and the debut of The Fat Truck, billing itself as a MoGo (Molecular Gastronomy) truck. The menu is a combination Latin and Asian with items such as tacos, steamed buns, ramen and bahn mi.  The Fat Truck plans to serve in Fort Worth, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get exact locations.

As Denton's City Council continues to study the feasibility of having food trucks, Shitake Swerve is planning to open its doors there. This vegetarian truck will feature tacos and sandwiches made with mushrooms or other veggies.  Gluten free options including bread will also be available. Follow Shitake Swerve on Facebook to find out all the details of their opening.

About 2 hours in to the Chef's on Fire event in Dallas this past Sunday, I started getting texts and Facebook messages about a new ice cream truck that was serving.  I have found out that Short N Sweet is an event ice cream truck, operated by dwarfs. Every person who contacted me said the ice cream was amazing and they wished they had ordered seconds, especially of the rice pudding bar. I hope to cross paths with this truck soon to check them out. You can follow them on Twitter to see if they are coming to an event near you.


There is some sad news this month, it seems that Fort Worth may be losing two of its trucks. Trough Burger Wagon has posted on their Facebook page that the owners are moving out of town, and they want to sell the trailer and name to someone who promises to keep everything as is. So far, I have not seen that they have found the right buyer.

Crazy Sisters has also posted that they are selling their truck and all the commercial equipment. No other details have been provided but when a truck starts selling equipment, my assumption is that the doors are closing for good. Crazy Sisters was one of the first trucks I visited after starting this blog and their absence from the food truck scene will be a loss for Fort Worth and the Mid-Cities.

With these additions and assuming both Fort Worth trucks close, we will have sixty-one trucks rolling in the Metroplex by the end of May.

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