Sunday, May 6, 2012

Enticed and TX Delizioso, Two Trucks Bringing You Texas Street Food

One of my favorite days this Spring was when Enticed announced that they were back on the road, after a winter hiatus. Enticed is Dallas' gourmet shaved ice truck,which was one of the first out last summer and one that I visited more times than I could count but never blogged about.

In Texas, we look for fun ways to get cool and shaved ice is one of the most fun ways I can think of.  I'm not talking about a snow-cone, Enticed is real shaved ice, where the ice is soft and smooth and holds all of the sweet flavor. Even better, they offer a variety of flavors, including sugar free options;  you can choose one of several sizes and even do half and half flavors.  Just like when I was a kid, my favorite flavor is tiger blood, but the fruity orange-pineapple is a close second.  If you follow Enticed's schedule, you may even find them set up outside of a bar, who just might let you bring your ice inside and spike it with one of their favorite beverages. 

Follow Enticed on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they will be. Your summer will be much cooler if you visit them multiple times a week.  

UPDATED:  TX Deliziso is No Longer In Business

If you are one of those people who actually believes in eating dinner before dessert, I recommend you try Enticed's sister truck, TX Deliziso first.  This truck is bringing you Italian food, the Texas way. 

Using Texas grown and produced ingredients, this truck is part of the Go Texan program, which means you are going to find fresh ingredients on your salad, pizza or entree. Not only are the ingredients fresh but TX Delizioso subscribes to the "build your own concept" for their  personal size pizzas and salads. so you get a lot of those fresh ingredients. Your pizzas and salads have the option of over twenty different toppings as well as Texas' favorite entrees, chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken or when available, fried bison.  

As good as the pizza and entrees are, my favorite item from TX Delizioso is the create your own salad. For $7 you can create a green or Cesar salad with an unlimited number of toppings. Or, if you prefer you can get a side salad, with up to 5 toppings to go with your pizza or entree. With my Candian Bacon, mushroom, pineapple pizza, I had the side salad with greens, berries, cheese, black olives and nuts. Freshly made, tasty and filling. 

TX Delizioso also has side items such as fried zucchini and mozzarella balls and desserts available including cannoli and homemade cobbler.  Everything you need to make a meal on a nice summer night. 

Follow TX Delizioso on Facebook and Twitter to find out where in Texas they will be bringing their taste of Italy next. 

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