Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Lions: Bringing A Taste of England to Dallas

I have never been to England but among my friends who have, the standard thought is that you visit for the scenery, not the food. After having visited Three Lions Food truck several times, I am anxious to cross the pond and see for myself because I have taken a liking to the food, at least when it is Three Lions style. 

A bit of background on this truck, which is new to the streets of Dallas, but not really. Last summer, Three Men and a Taco was one of the trucks that rolled out in Dallas and quickly gained attention, for their brightly colored truck and their eclectic food, with South African influence along with a menu of other regional items. The truck was owned and operated by a group of people, who at times seemed to have varying ideas of what a food truck should be and how and when it should operate. In March, owners and brothers, Scott and Cameron Bonfield took back full ownership of the truck, redesigned every aspect of it and Three Men and a Taco reopened as Three Lions, bringing you the English food that they grew up on. I love the details of the truck, which I sadly did not get a picture of, but I smile every time I order at the window labeled "City of Westminster" and pick up at the "City of Dallas" window. 

To say the redesign was a great idea is probably an understatement. The guys are regularly selling out, with their meat pies going first. Until eating at Three Lions, my experience with meat pies was the Louisiana version, so I was expecting something like that. I could not have been more surprised. The meat pies are made with ground beef, with a very flavorful gravy, in the flakiest crust I have ever tasted. The English version is more akin to a chicken pot pie, of course without the the chicken and without the vegetables. I could go on and on about the crust, it is light, it is flaky, it is just perfect. 

Three Lions also serves British style sausage rolls. I've had German style and Mexican style but these are different and quite tasty. The filling is ground pork, mixed with egg, jalapeno and other "secret" ingredients, held together by a puff pastry. The savory flavor makes you stop and try to guess all the ingredients and makes the sausage rolls one of the more interesting dishes I have eaten off a truck. It is the kind of meal that makes you want to order several, sit down with a pint and watch some football. 

Three Lions offers a few other menu items including a chicken and dill baguette, a croque monsieur and one of the favorite items from Three Men and A Taco, the Carolina Sliders. 

Three Lions is primarily out in Dallas, working the Arts District and surrounding areas several days a week. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get their exact locations and go for a taste of England. I promise you, this truck will make you forget all the stories about the English not having tasty food. 

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