Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Valley View Mall to Become Dallas' Pop Up Food Truck Park

This week, I heard that there is a third food truck park in the works in Fort Worth.  Yes, THIRD, when Dallas still doesn't have one. Yes, Dallas has the truck court in the Dallas Arts District but other than special events, it is not open on weekends or late evenings.  Sure, there's been talk and it looks like the Lower Greenville location is a go, with a fall 2012 opening but until then, it looks like its Fort Worth 3: Dallas 0.

Today, I found out that US Food Trucks is ready to do their part to bring some kind of park to Dallas, if only for a few weeks this spring.  Starting March 16 and going through mid-May, every Friday night and every Saturday for lunch and dinner, US Food Trucks will be hosting a pop up food truck park in the south parking lot of Valley View Mall. On these days, a limited number of trucks (5 - 10) will be able to set up and serve. My favorite aspect of the park is that the trucks will rotate weekly so we will not get bored with the same trucks week after week. This will also give us some opportunities to try trucks that aren't normally out in Dallas but  could participate in this set up, with a special event permit.

This pop up park will culminate with the TX Food Truck Festival on May 11 - 12.  The festival will include 30 of the best food trucks, from across Texas, live music, a children's area and vendors. I hope several Austin, San Antonio and Houston trucks can make it up here to participate! I guess I also need to start building up the endurance, the festival will also have a 5K race and 1 mile family fun run, to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Team In Training.   The truck list has not been finalized but with the possibility of trucks coming in from out of town, I think this will be the best line-up we have seen in DFW!

Thanks US Food Trucks for bringing this pop up park to Dallas!

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  1. We went to Valley View at noon on the 24th of March and the only truck to be seen was Tin Star. There's nothing wrong with Tin Star but it's a mile from there to an actual Tin Star restaurant. So we left to seek food elsewhere.


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