Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Will Roar In With 7 New Food Trucks and Carry 2 From February Openings

They say March roars in like a lion, on the streets of DFW, that means "3 Lions", along with six other trucks hitting the streets.

Remember this past summer when Great Food Truck Race was on the Food Network?  Remember, the Cuban truck, Cafe Con Leche from Los Angeles?  While they didn't win, I loved that truck for their energy and the way their food was presented. That same energy and food is coming to Dallas this month!  I spoke to truck owner, Gabriel yesterday and he is very excited for Dallas to be the first expansion for CCL. The menu will be basically the same, highly recommended Cuban food, including the Manolo sandwich (named after Steven Bauer's character in Scarface) and their Cuban coffee.  Gabriel assures me that wherever this truck sets up will be a party and shortly after they arrive we will all know how to salsa dance.  So, get those dancing shoes ready and follow Cafe Con Leche on Twitter or their website to know where to find the party.

In mid to late March we will see the launch of The Food Dude, a truck that pays homage to The Big Lebowski. The Food Dude's specialities will be burgers and sandwiches of all types, including pitas, black bean burgers, Reuben's, Grilled Cheese, Monte Cristo and more. Owner Tim tells me that their olive spread is fantastic on any of the sandwiches. Food Dude will start in Fort Worth and has already signed on at the Cowtown Chowdown food park; they also plan to get to Dallas soon. As of today, The  Food Dude has not opened their webiste, Twitter or Facebook pages but they expect to launch them on March 9. I'll let you know as soon as that happens.

February saw the splitting  of partners in Fort Worth based Dough Boys Pizza and March brings pizza master, Eliud back to the streets in his own truck, Gepetto's Pizza. The truck is being wrapped this week and hopes to be out next week, bringing a menu of Chicken Carbona, Wagyu Beef Pizza, Chicken Poblano, Mini Calzones, Surf and Turf Pizza, Smoked Brisket Pizza and many other items. Follow Gepetto's on Facebook and Twitter to know when they launch. Gepetto's will roll first in Fort Worth and then in to Dallas.

March also brings DFW our first nacho truck, from Nacho Nachos.  Owner John tells me that Nacho Nachos plans to roll in Fort Worth in mid-March. The menu will be gourmet nachos with a variety of toppings which include buffalo chicken, Greek style nachos, served on pita chips and many other flavors. Nacho Nachos can be found on Twitter and a Facebook page is coming soon.

After months of selling their whoopie pies at local farmer's markets, House of Blues, movie houses and off of other trucks, Rockstar Bakeshop is finally opening their own truck. "Layla" as she has been named will roll out in Dallas on March 9 with a launch party. Rockstar's  specialty is whoopie pies of all flavors, each named in tribute to various rock singers or songs. I tried to go down the menu to tell my favorite but I can't find one I don't like to tell you the rest of favorites. Rockstar also servers season flavors and both mini and standard size pies. I'm so happy to see owners Kristin and Denver finally get rolling in a truck that has been in the works for a long time.  You  can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find their stops and flavors of the day.

Another sweet treat is in the works and planning to share time between Dallas and San Antonio when brick and mortar store Society Bakery rolls out their new truck. There are a few pictures of the truck being built on Society Bakery's Facebook Page and I'm totally impressed that this truck will have a full size bakery on board! Follow along on their Facebook page or Twitter to know when they roll the truck out and when it will be in Dallas.

(Updated 3/9/12) The previously mentioned Three Lions will be a Dallas based truck, serving the food of the United Kingdom. Three Lions will be a  completely overhauled menu along with a complete rewrap of the truck you know as 3 Men and a Taco. Brothers, Scott and Cameron Bonfield, originally from the UK, and others were originally involved with 3 Men but through some changes, Scott and Cameron have taken complete ownership and decided to redesign the menu and truck in order to better represent the food they loved growing up.  They expect to roll out late in the week of March 10, bringing us their favorites foods, many of which made appearances on 3 Men's menu over the last few months.   Follow Three Lions on Facebook and Twitter so you can know when the roll!

February also brought us two new trucks that I didn't know about at the time of that month's post.

Mid-month, we saw the reintroduction of the Yum Yum truck. This truck was originally owned and operated by United Caterers. In February, UC launched an incubator program that allows new truck owners to get in to a  truck at a lower cost and therefore minimize their upfront costs while making sure the food truck life is for them. Yum Yum was sold off as an incubator truck and the new owners opted to keep the truck's name. I've talked several times to one of the new owners, Woodie and I can confirm that his excitement over this truck is very high. They have retained the basics of the old menu but modified the recipes and added some special things to make the truck their own.  Yum Yum is permitted in most of the Metroplex cities, so follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see where they turn up next.

It was only appropriate that since February was Potato Month that Dallas got their first baked potato truck. Potato-PotahtoPotaho is the daily special with toppings such as smoked brisket, chicken fried steak, jambalaya and other unique toppings.  Follow Potato-Potahto on Facebook and Twitter to find where they are splitting the potatoes open.

Stay tuned for more trucks rolling out in March. I suspect there are a couple of more new trucks in the works that aren't ready to be publicized yet and some established trucks bringing out additional trucks.

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