Thursday, February 9, 2012

US Food Trucks, Your One Stop For All Things Food Truck Related

In the months of having this blog, I have not given much attention, or really much thought to food truck commissaries. Sure, I know they exist and I know that Dallas and Fort Worth have very different rules about commissaries and honestly, after that, they don’t matter much to me and more importantly, I assume they don’t matter much to those of you who read this blog in order to find out about truck menus and truck events. So, bear with me in this post, by the end I think you will see why I am excited about a commissary and want all of you know about it too.

A few months ago, I started hearing chatter about a new commissary, US Food Trucks coming to the Metroplex. As I said earlier, commissaries aren’t that important to me, I made a mental note and went on my way. Then I heard that US Food Trucks was a partner with Cruising Kitchens, out of San Antonio. I have communicated with the owner of Cruising Kitchens a couple of times and really love the trucks I have seen them build, so my interest was peaked, but honestly it was more because Cruising Kitchens also owns The Boardwalk on Bulverde in San Antonio, a huge truck park that I want to visit. Anybody that puts multiple trucks together is highly rated in my book.

Last month, I received an email from Natalie at US Food Trucks introducing herself and US Food Trucks to me. We chatted back and forth through a few emails and I checked out their website and was very interested. Briefly, the commissary part of the business was interesting because I get calls weekly from people asking how to find a commissary to house their trucks. Always nice to add another to the list so people can do some comparison shopping.
But US Food Trucks takes things another step, and addresses another issue for many of the people I talk to; they will provide financing to allow the chefs to have the start-up costs to get on the road. I’ve talked to many people who want to have a truck and just do not have access to the funds to start. Now there is an option; with their association with Cruising Kitchens you can get your truck built to your specifications, get financing and all the permits taken care of with one shop at US Food Trucks.

For 99% of you who aren’t interested in building or financing a food truck, US Food Trucks is bringing you (and me) something great…. event management!  Their plan is to have one small event each month and one large event each quarter. These events will incorporate all the DFW trucks, regardless of which commissary they use. I’m dreaming of an event where all 50 DFW trucks are on the same site, at the same time…

*note: that’s my dream, I have no idea if US Food Trucks shares the dream or if all 50 trucks share the dream…so don’t get upset if the events only have 15 trucks, that would still be the biggest truck event in the Metroplex, to date.

You can get more information about US Food Trucks on their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter, especially if you are as excited about food truck events as I am!


  1. can any one help me find out where to park my food cart (hotdogs)? cant find a commissary to park at. Im in keller.


  2. Hey Food Truck Foodie,
    Can you tell me if there are more than one commissaries to park a food truck at in the DFW area?

    Thank you,


  3. Hey guys,

    I have recently started a commissary (one that abides by all the rules.) Check out our 1-pager, with pictures, at

    - Carlo, Z's Cafe Owner/Operator


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