Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six New Trucks Plus a Second Addition in late January through February

In the Asian Culture, this is the Year of the Dragon....In DFW Culture,  this is the Year of the Food Truck!  Late January brought us some new trucks, which I have not officially told you about and have several more coming out in February, so let's get to know them:

TX Delizioso had a "soft" opening in late January and debuted in the Dallas Arts District in early February.  This Italian-Texas truck is owned by the same team who own Enticed, Dallas' shaved ice truck that was very popular this past summer. TX Delizioso will be participating in the Go Texan program and using locally grown products to create Italian fare. I am especially interested in the bison pizza.  You can follow TX Delizioso on Facebook and Twitter to find out their current location.

Fred's Cafe Truck Wagon - Fort Worth's favorite son has rolled out the Truck Wagon, to compliment the brick and mortar locations. The truck menu will focus on burgers, chicken sandwiches and hand cut fries. In its first week of service has stayed in Fort Worth but I've seen several request for Dallas service, so hopefully this will become a DFW truck. Follow the Wagon on Facebook and Twitter to know when and where it can be found.

Little Vessel Grill Food Truck rolled out quietly on February 1. I have tried to get information about this truck, with little success, but have been told it is an Asian Fusion menu. Someone not associated with the truck emailed me a photo  of the menu, which did not give much information other than that everything is a flat price of $7 and items have names such as "Barque At The Moon", described as Smoked Pork & Yam Raft and "Samari Sizzler", described as Chicken & Avocado Tempura Sword.  Little Vessel Grill has a Facebook and Twitter page, although posting has been minimal.

Tin Star Taco Taxi - "Paco", the Taco Taxi rolled out on February 3, bringing the gourmet tacos of Tin Star Restaurant to the streets of Dallas. Tin Star and their large menu options of fillings has been a Dallas favorite for many years and I expect the truck to be as popular. You can find Paco's schedule on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cajun Tailgators - Laissez les bon temp rouler! February means Mardi Gras and Cajun Tailgators will be on the streets of Dallas. Cajun Tailgators has been posting teasers of their menu as it has been evolving and I have drooled every single time. Having grown up on the edge of Cajun Country, I am excited to finally have authentic gumbo, shrimp pistolettes and all the other Cajun goodness that makes ya wanna slap ya mama!  Look for Cajun Tailgators to roll out around Mardi Gras (February 21) You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to know where to find them.

Dos Paisanos - In mid-February, Dallas' first Salvadorian truck rolls out. While the menu has local favories such as tacos and burritos, I am excited to try the Pupusa, Pastalittos and fried plantains!  Dos Paisanos will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, around the Dallas area. Look for them to roll out on February 18 at the Bishop Arts District Mardi Gras Parade.You can follow Dos Daisanos on Facebook and get more details on their menu on their website.

February also brings a second truck to one of DFW favorites. Ssahm Korean BBQ now has a second truck, wrapped a hot red, to go with their cool black truck. Same menus on the trucks but they are now able to cover more territory.  Follow on Facebook and Twitter to know where Red and Black are setting up each day.

2012 looks to be an exciting year for the DFW Food Trucks, I expect the number of new trucks to grow at the same pace and several more owners are bringing a  out second or third truck or joining the owners of Enticed, bringing otu completely unique concepts this year. It is The Year of the Food Truck!

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