Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler with Cajun Tailgators

I grew up on the western edge of Cajun country and my closest friends have always been Cajuns. With frequent travel to South Louisiana, the Cajun culture is near and dear to my heart; I love the music, the people and most of all the food. I'm also a Cajun food snob, I don't eat gumbo unless my Mama makes it, it is hard for me to eat seafood not done "right" and really, it is not worth it to me to even try to eat anything in landlocked North Texas that calls itself "Cajun". So when I heard a Cajun truck was in the works, I was skeptical but willing to give it a try, for the sake of this blog. I began to trade emails with owners Jason and Ann and found out they were the real deal, graduates of LSU, starting the truck because the missed the authentic food of the bayou. 

It was only fitting that I made my first visit to Cajun Tailgators on Fat Tuesday. This is a beautiful truck that immediately surrounds you with the atmosphere of the French Quarter; the truck graphics, the music, the beads they were giving out for Mardi Gras transported you to the Mississippi Delta. The menu also takes you to a cafe on one of the side streets of the Garden District; gumbo, red beans & rice, beignets, Cajun comfort food. I was home!

I decided to try some things that I have not had in years... a Natchitoches Meat Pie, a Crawfish Pistolette and a Boudin Ball. 

The Meat Pie was very good! The light crust melted in my mouth. The spices were perfect and nicely flavored the ground beef, peppers and other ingredients in a subtly spicy want. The entire pie was tasty and filling. This is an item I will order time and again. 

Another item I expect to order many times is the crawfish pistolette. If you are not familiar with pistolettes, they are french rolls, hollowed out and then filled with crawfish etoufee. They are as awesome as they sound and Cajun Tailgators did not disappoint! 

The roll was light and had just a hint of buttery sweetness. The filling was spicy, full of crawfish and tasted exactly how I wanted it to...I could eat a dozen of these!

The boudin balls were the item I was most looking forward to tasting. 

I love boudin and could easily eat it 7 days a week. I did think the outside of this ball was over done but the boudin itself more than made up for a crisp outside. The boudin was savory with the right combination of pork and rice. The spices off-set the richness of the meat while also complimenting it. This is good boudin and I look forward to more of it in my future! 

Cajun Tailgators is going to be a very popular truck in DFW!  In their first week  out they have hit many of the popular food truck stops in Dallas and will be at the Fort Worth Food Park on Sunday, February 26. I look forward to visiting again soon and letting the good times roll! 

You can follow Cajun Tailgators on Facebook and Twitter and roll with them!


  1. Loved the concept of the truck...was very disappointed in the gumbo...I did like the beef poboy. The service was very slow and they had 4 people in there working...Best of luck guys!

  2. The food sounds and looks good. The things I miss about south Louisiana are the people first and then the great eats, now that I am somewhat locked in SW MS.

    Thanks for you blogs.

  3. Thanks for the comments. The day this review was taken was our 2nd day ever on the truck. So, after a couple months we have worked out the kinks and am running much smoother now.

  4. I had the absolute WORST experience with this food truck when trying to schedule a catering event. They were extremely wishy-washy, they would confirm and then the next time I called to follow-up, they would act like they had no idea what I was talking about, and they were entirely unprofessional the entire time I was in contact with them. They cancelled on me 12 hours before my event, and left me scrambling to find a backup plan even though I had confirmed with them twice, and had already settled on time, price, etc. I would not recommend them at all.


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