Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Seasons by Vizion Catering

Four Seasons by Vizion Catering is a truck that rolled on the Dallas and Coppell  streets in late December. I had been told by the truck owner that their specialty was "comfort food" that will change with the seasons, so I was excited to try them on a cold January day.

For my first visit, I tried their most promoted item, the "Liberty Bell" Philly cheese steak with a side of fries and a lemonade to drink. There was some mis-communication in the ordering and I take responsibility for the fact that my sandwich doesn't have the mushrooms, peppers or onions that are available. Note to self, when ordering for the first time at a truck, pay attention to the order and not the truck features.

I guess I also had not paid attention to the menu because I was surprised when the cheese came out pre-melted. I did check the menu and it clearly says that, so again, my fault for not paying attention to details. I know that in Philly Cheese Wiz is a very popular option for cheese steaks, I can't say for sure that is what Four Seasons offered, because it was completed melted. My guess is that this is the same cheese used on the nachos that are on the menu. I personally would have preferred provolone but for those who prefer the smooth flow of melted cheese, this is your sandwich.

I also would have preferred the meat to be more thinly sliced, which is how I have had other cheese steaks. But the meat was tasty, so consider the cut to be a personal taste and if your personal taste is more chunky meat, as you can see in the picture, you will like this sandwich. The fries were your basic frozen fries, that severed as a nice side to round out a meal.

I did very much enjoy the truck made lemonade and was told by the person working the window that it was made fresh daily, so be sure to get you a cup if you visit this truck.

On my second visit, I ordered the Black Angus burger, which comes in both full size and slider size. The burger patty was truck made and has a variety of cheeses offered. I found the meat in the burger to taste very  similar to the meat in the Philly Cheese Steak, although the burger meat had a more discernible fat content. I would have also preferred the burger to have been less "well done". The veggies on the burger were fresh and crisp.

Four Seasons has a price point lower than many of the other food trucks and offers the type of comfort food that you would find at a local lunch counter. The owner and staff are very friendly and I think repeat will visits will make this truck have the comfort of home. I look forward to seeing what their next rotation of the menu offers.

Also, I have been asked numerous times if this truck is associated with the Four Seasons hotel. It is not.

You can follow Four Seasons by Vizion Catering on Facebook and Twitter to find their current schedule. They are in the Arts District at least once a week, Coppell twice a week and other parts of Dallas in between.


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  3. Their burger looks delicious and the size is so big. This is what I called "comfort food". I'll go to Dallas this weekend just to taste their burgers.

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  4. Liberty Bell Philly cheese steak looks luscious because of the cheese melts in the beef. I hope they can visit New York so that I try their dishes.
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  5. I love catching this truck on weekdays on Northpoint in Coppell. Nothing like a juicy angus burger for 2nd breakfast. They're so darn juicy,the perfect thickness and oh so beefy tasting, my mouth is starting to water just typing this. Their egg buns are fresh and toasted. mMMMMMmmm


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