Saturday, December 31, 2011

Did You Know The Things About Cup Cakin?

I bet you didn't know these things about Cup Cakin!

On January 9, 2012:

1. Cup Cakin will introduce 1 dozen new flavors, all priced at $2.50.  

2. The Cup Cakin Machine will operate during lunch and dinner hours Monday - Saturday.

3. The pricing of the cupcakes are now $2.00 and $2.50, instead of the $2.50 and $3.00. The standard flavors are $2.00 and the specialty are $2.50. The cupcakes are still standard sized.  

4. Cup Cakin is considered a "grocery truck" in the city of Dallas, so they can pull up and open shop.  Some days the Machine will be out roaming the streets, looking for you and pulling over, upon request.  

5. Cup Cakin is coming to Irving, pending a successful inspection on January 3.


6. Cup Cakin is hiring! Interested in working a for a growing bakery/food truck? Here's those details:
As a team member of Cup Cakin you will need to be a team player, willing to perform any duty asked of you.  You will need to be flexible, able to prioritize and perform many tasks and switch gears as needed.
The qualified candidate will be responsible for carrying out the following duties: 
+ Reviews menus and work orders to determine type and quantities of food to be prepared. 

+ Prepares cooking equipment for use; adjusts temperature controls. 
+ Assists in miscellaneous food preparation duties as required. 
+ Measures and mixes ingredients according to recipes. 
+ Cleans the kitchen area and cooking utensils. 
+ Sets up utensils and food supplies for cooks as directed. 
+ Follows safety measures and food handling procedures. 
+ Participates in cleanup tasks as assigned or directed.

+ Has previous experience working in a commercial kitchen

I am so excited about all of these changes, I can't wait to see the Machine in the streets of Dallas and pull them over, on the spot and visiting them in Irving during my lunch hour!  Follow Cup Cakin on Facebook and Twitter for announcements about the new flavors and new schedule. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Easy Slider: Giving You The Best Bite

Sometimes you want a burger, a big, juicy, Texas size burger with all the add-ons and sometimes you just want a bite of a burger without the overly full, blah feeling that often comes with it. Now, Dallas has a food truck that offers the taste and the add-ons without the added bulk. Yesterday, I dined at Easy Slider Truck, owned and operated by Miley and Caroline, two House of Blues alums who are making their dreams a reality with their own food truck.

The truck menu is diverse and has something that will appeal to everyone.

My first item was the Classic Slider. 

 Check out that presentation!  

Easy Slider gets huge props in my book for how they dress up their food. The slider was your standard cheese burger, scaled down to slider size. The burger comes with lettuce, a cute, proportionately sized tomato, a bit of onion, cheese and topped with a tasty pickle. One thing I didn't notice was that the condiments for the burger are to the right of the service window, so if you like mayo and mustard, be sure to track those down, they don't come with the burger.Overall, the Classic was a quick bite of burger.

I also had the Grilled Mac & Cheese slider. I love this presentation idea and I think this item will be a favorite with the kids.  Its basically a square of compacted mac & cheese (think hash brown patty size but macaroni) set inside brioche bread and topped with a piece of bacon and a grilled tomato and then grilled to a toasty brown. Very unique way to style mac & cheese! When I ordered, I was asked if bacon was OK to add, I said yes. Next time I am going to go without, I found the bacon to be too salty, but if you are a salt and/or bacon lover, you will appreciate the add on.

As an after thought, I ordered the Baby Bella slider. In all honesty, I only ordered it because I wanted to see the presentation, not because I was still hungry. As after thoughts generally work, this was my favorite item of the day. The baby portobella mushrooms are fresh and have been marinated in a truck made vinaigrette that provided the right zest to the mushrooms. A topping of pesto added a cool, rich flavor and a slab of mozzarella finished the slider off with a light salty flavor. It seems that every truck I visit has one item that I order again and again and at Easy Slider, I think this will be the item.

Easy Slider also has a non-menu item that you must try, the truck made caramels are wonderful. If you order the special of two sliders, chips and a drink, you get a caramel thrown in. Trust me, you want the caramel!

Easy Slider has also partnered with truck-to-be Rockstar Bakeshop to carry an exclusive whoopie pie, Banana Pancakes flavor. The vanilla cakes are filled with banana cream frosting and rolled in crushed vanilla wafers. If you like bananas, this is your whoopie pie; it is heavy on the banana taste.

Easy Slider has hit the scene running, with their first full day being last week at the Shops of Park Lane's Food Truck Friday, which they described as their best and worst day, all rolled in to one. Not many trucks hit 80 tickets in their first day out; at this pace, Easy Slider is going to quickly become one of the busiest trucks around.

Be sure to to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to doing lunch and dinner service they do quite a bit of late night service, where their food is exactly the bite that anyone out at those hours will be wanting.
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