Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Party With Food Trucks!

3 Men and a Taco, Jack's Chowhound, Cup Cakin, and  Ruthie's Rolling Cafe invite you to a holiday party! Saturday December 17th, at 2121 Flora in the Dallas Arts District, starting at 5:00 p.m.

The trucks will be accepting canned goods for the North Texas Food Bank, and all tips from the trucks will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.  3 Men and a Taco will also be collecting unwrapped toys to be donated. 

Dallas Santa Rampage (500+) Santas will be coming through between 5:30 and 6:30 to play reindeer games as well! There will be caroling, decorations and all around holiday cheer! And something to put in your belly other than a bowl full of jelly! 

Some of the trucks will also be following the Dallas Santa Rampage after the event into Deep Ellum. If you are in the area and want to follow your favorite food truck you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with them! If you would like to be apart of the Dallas Santa Rampage you can also follow them on Facebook to be updated with their route!

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Do the trucks accept credit cards? 
Yes, all of them use mobile phone credit card readers that allow you to use most all cards.

Where do we park?
Parking is available on the lot right by the trucks are Flora and Pearl, but be advised trucks coming in and out and crowds of people. There are many parking lots nearby such as the Winspear and many other prepaid lots. There is some street parking but is limited. 

Who do we give donations to?
Donations can be collected at any truck and made out to the North Texas Food Bank or Make a Wish. Each truck will have a receipt booklet handy that can readily give you a receipt. Canned donations can be dropped in any of the gift wrapped boxes between the trucks, and unwrapped toys can be deposited at 3 Men and a Taco. 

What if I don't bring a toy, donation, or canned good?
You can still participate but you will get coal in your stocking

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dallas Amends Food Truck Regulations

Good news for Food Trucks this morning, the Dallas City Council approved two ordinances that would

1. allow a professionally retrofitted or converted vehicle to be used as a "mobile food preparation vehicle" if it met certain standards and requirements.

2. allow the preparation and service of poultry, raw seafood, and certain other items not currently permitted on food trucks.

These changes do not open up the flood gates to all mobile vehicles that sell any and all food, there are still strict provisions in place to ensure food safety and quality. However, this change will allow trucks like Good Karma Kitchen and others that are converted or retrofit by a person in the business of doing truck conversion to obtain a permit to operate in Dallas, so long as they meet the other requirements.

The second change will lift a ban that unfrozen poultry or seafood can now be served on trucks. Previously, the poultry and seafood had to be frozen at the time of cooking. I’m hoping this means a sushi truck will soon be coming to Dallas.

A mark-up of the approved regulations can be found on the Dallas Council agenda, item number 90.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mini Pies from The Cup Cakin Machine

I don't normally do posts for special items from trucks I have already visited. Goodness knows there are enough trucks that I haven't visited and written about and most trucks are introducing new items all the time. So, when a new item passes my way, I will talk about it on Facebook and Twitter and leave it at that. However, like anything, there are exceptions and I've just had some specialty items that merit a post, this would be the personal sized pies from Cup-Cakin.

Full disclosure, I don't like pie crust.  I know, I know, its unAmerican, but its a texture thing with me.  When Thanksgiving comes around and the pies come out, so does my spoon to scoop out the yummy fillings and leave the crust.  So, when Cup-Cakin's owner Ashley Green contacted me asking my opinion on her adding personal-size pies to the menu, I enthusiastically said, "Yes, that's a great idea" while simultaneously wonder how I was going to stand at a food truck and eat pie with a spoon.

Saturday night, with recipes perfected, the Cup Cakin Machine cranked out their first cupcakes, in apple, pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato flavors. In the name of blogging, I ordered one of each and brought them home to try. 

A-MA-ZING is the only way to describe these 4-inch pies.  They are the perfect size for an evening snack or those who don't want a whole 9-inch pie but don't want to miss out on their favorite desserts.

 The pecan was my favorite, the filling was sweet and smooth while the pecans were fresh and flavorful. Ironically, I loved the crust! During cutting it held the pie together but once you started eating, it melted in to the pie. It was buttery and flaky and a very smooth texture.

The apple pie was so cute, with its personal size lattice! The apples were high quality and the filling is sweet and tasty. Just like with the pecan, the crust  held the the pie together but then melted in to the taste.

The pumpkin pie had the quintessential autumn taste. This had the right cinnamon and spice blend that wasn't too overpowering but added the hearty flavoring that you expect from pumpkin pie. The filling was creamy and smooth. 
The sweet potato was also very tasty. I know a lot of times people say pumpkin and sweet potato taste alike but not this time. The sweet potato was light and full of flavor with a smooth texture and slightly crisp top. It was pie like my grandmother use to make. 

I very much enjoyed all of these pies and am now making a list of people who will be receiving a pie package for a Christmas gift, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, grandparents. There are many people who will love these treats as much as I did and appreciate the smaller size. If you are interested in purchasing pies for gifts, contact Ashley at to place your order!

I'm so glad that Cup-Cakin expanded their menu and showed me that pie crust can be as yummy as pie filling! 

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