Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three New Trucks Hitting the Streets of Fort Worth This Weekend!

This weekend, Fort Worth gets its turn at the excitement of multiple food trucks hitting the streets!

After a soft opening over the last several weeks, Antojito's Cali-Mex sets up in their permanent location at 517 University at the Grotto, starting at 10:00 p.m. Having recently moved to the Metroplex from Southern California, Antojito's will bring the street foods of Cali to the streets of Fort Worth. The menu is completely different from any other truck in the Metroplex with street tacos of carne assada, pollo assado, nopalito (cactus) tacos as well as fish and shrimp tacos. And because it cold and Antojito's is a cool trailer, tortilla soup and Mexican onion soup are on the menu to warm you up! Follow Antojitos on Facebook and Twitter for more details, including their full menu.

Friday night also is the first night that The Bacon Wagon hits the streets of Cowtown! The first taste of bacon will be at Wired Willy's Grand Opening Block Party. The party starts at 8:00 at 2708 West Carroll. With a menu of various bacon sandwiches on gourmet bread, bacon soup and even bacon desserts, this truck is a pork lover's dream come true. Based on comments on Facebook, there are bacon lovers all over the Metroplex who will be seeking this truck out this weekend! Follow The Bacon Wagon on Facebook and Twitter to find out when and where they are makin' bacon.

Saturday lunch brings us our first experience with Good Karma Kitchen!  After posting pictures of their truck Lucy and teasing us with menu offerings, we finally get to taste the products that bring gluten-free street food to Fort Worth. In addition to all items being gluten-free they will be either vegan or vegetarian  However, truck owners Christina and Megan have spent months in their kitchen finding the right ingredients to ensure that their menu is appealing to the meat-eaters among us.  I personally am excited about the sushi of the day options!  For their first day of service, you can find Lucy set up in the 1400 block of Jones Street, between UTA Fort Worth and the Transit Center. The Opening Day menu is posted on their website,  Follow Good Karma Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter to find out where Lucy is set up and add some Good Karma to your life!

Best wishes to all the Fort Worth trucks. I'm looking forward to visiting all of you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truck Talk Tuesday: Sassy's Hot Dogs

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the food trucks is meeting people, not only the other customers but those who are bringing the trucks to life each day. These men and women are incredibly passionate about what they are doing and the food they are serving. I was also noticing that they all had a story of how their truck came about and how their life evolved in to being a part of one of the fastest growing small business concepts, not only in DFW but in the US. Each week I will share these stories in “Truck Talk Tuesday”.

This week, we meet Garland & Shiow Fen Geeslin from Sassy’s Hot Dogs in Fort Worth.

  1. What did you do before you were a food truck operator? I was a professional Lumberman for 37 years, I sold lumber for over 27 years on the Commercial and Home levels.  I also catered BBQ for the past 27 years on a private level. My wife owned a couple of Chinese Restaurants from Arlington to Burleson. Both sold many moons ago. 
  2. How did you come up with the name for your truck?  Sassy Hot Dogs:  Wow!  I must have written down over a thousand names. I was sitting on a park bench one day. Talking to a gentleman, and if you know me, I am always cracking a joke or making someone laugh,  There was a dog on a leash that came up and he was jumping for joy that I wanted to pet it. And so I did along with many wet licks... I noticed the tag.   Name, Sassy, I thought for a moment and went on about my way.  The more I thought about it the more I liked it.  I am always clowning around and Sassy Hot Dogs just fit! I said that's it. Now time to see what I can do with it. 
  3. What made you decide to have a food truck rather than a brick and mortar restaurant? I love cooking, I love watching people eat what I serve.  If I had a restaurant, I would never be able to interact with the costumers like I can from my truck. I want to see their face when they take the first bite....
  4. What is your favorite menu item? This is a tough question since I created most of the items. But, I would say all in all, I love our Homemade Chili Dog, Our signature dish is our "WTF"; I love acronyms.  The WTF is our most famous dish, with 11 ingredients, fried up in a thin pastry like skin and severed over a basket of our doggy ear fries.  OH MAN!! And then there is our Toad Stools. (Fried Marshmallow) Oh yea!
  5. What has been the biggest reward of having a food truck? Happy People… That is it in a nut shell.
  6. What has been the biggest challenge of having a food truck? The weather! This year’s heat really did a number on us both.
  7. Most marketing for food trucks is through social media, do you see that as a benefit or challenge to you and why? Social media is ok. I work it hard, but word of mouth has been 100% effective.
  8. You spent most days on a food truck, where can we find you when you aren't on a truck? I am always in a food market and I drive from city to city trying out other food trucks.   
  9. If you could only cook one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day, I have so many recipes, it’s crazy!
  10. What would you like to see in the DFW food truck scene in the next two years? I would like to see Fort Worth become like Austin with side roads open to trucks, and open streets to trucks.   
Thank you Garland and Show Fein!  You can follow Sassy on Facebook and Twitter and find out where they are set up and serving, they just started a new location last week. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food Truckin' Saturday - Rumor Has Been Confirmed

UPDATED:  The DFW Street Food Coalition has confirmed that there will be Food Trucking in the Dallas Arts District this Saturday night.Any or all of the trucks listed below may be in attendance.

I don't normally blog about speculative things but this tidbit is too juicy to not I posted last week, due to some logistical issues, the Sigel's Food Truck Festival set for November 12 had to be cancelled. I'm hearing but not able to confirm that since Gandolfo's New York Deli, Ssahm, The Butcher's Son #1, Nammi, Jackalope, Jack's Chowhound, 3 Men and a Taco and Rockstar Bakery don't have a scheduled stop on Saturday evening now there is a possibility that one or more of them might set up in the Dallas Arts District and do some Food Truckin'.  If they decide to set up, it will be from 4:00 on.

Again, this is a rumor and I do not have authority to speak for any of these trucks...follow them on Facebook or Twitter for all of their scheduled stops and also follow the DFW Street Food Coalition for more information on the DFW street food scene, in general.
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