Friday, September 16, 2011

Chowing Down with Jack's Chowhound

The first time I visited  Jack's Chowhound was at the Sigel's Food Truck Round Up in August. On that visit, I ordered the spicy steak sammy, which was quite yummy; unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.  But trust me the the fajita meat on the Hawaiian bread was very tasty.

 The Chowhound seems to be one of those elusive trucks that I hear much about but that is never easily accessible to me, so I was very excited that it was going to be in my area last Friday night. I had my kiddo with me, which is always a plus; I get to order two items and convince her to share, in the name of blogging.

 Our first item was one I had heard many raves about, the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. Now I understand the raves. The shredded pork had a great taste with a combination subtle sweet and spicy flavor. The cheese was melted in to the pork and added a rich flavor that didn't overwhelm but let you know it was there. It was put together on Texas toast that was grilled with butter, to a nice brown, not too crispy but enough to be a true grilled sandwich. I loved this item and look forward to another soon.

 The second item was the meatball sliders. This had been the item I wanted to order at the Truck Rally but they ran out before I made it through the line. Between the two, the pulled pork was my favorite but the meatball sliders were good. The meatballs were nice sized and had a nice meaty flavor, they did seem a tad dry but that's probably my preference of meat more on the rare to medium side of cooking. The provolone cheese added a nice mild Italian flavor and the sauce added a rich flavor that pulled everything together. I loved that this sandwich was served on Hawaiian bread. The sweet flavor was a nice contrast to the hearty meat and cheese.

 As an extra treat, Chowhound serves Coca-Cola in bottles. This makes me so happy. Those bottles of Coke made with real sugar are few and far between, I'm so glad Chowhound has them!

Thanks Chowhound for a great dinner for the kiddo and I, we will be back soon! You can find Jack's Chowhound on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CW 33 News Video

Yesterday, a reporter from Channel 33, the CW contacted me to be interviewed about the DFW Food Truck scene. Having never been interviewed before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but here's the final result.  

Truck Talk Tuesday - The Bomb Fried Pies

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the food trucks is meeting people, not only the other customers but those who are bringing the trucks to life each day. These men and women are incredibly passionate about what they are doing and the food they are serving. I was also noticing that they all had a story of how their truck came about and how their life evolved in to being a part of one of the fastest growing small business concepts, not only in DFW but in the US. Each week I will share these stories in “Truck Talk Tuesday”.

Today’s feature is Brenda Barnhart with "The Bomb Fried Pies"
1.    What did you do before you were a food truck owner?

Answer: I worked in the Dental Field for 30 years but finally retired the toothbrush and fired up a fryer.

2.    How did you come up with the name for your business?
Answer: I was at Canton First Monday with my friend and our daughters.  We sat down to eat a corny dog and my friend made a comment, this corny dog is "The Bomb".  I laughed and asked her what she meant? She said it was GREAT! Later that evening when I got home I was telling my husband, Pat about our day and he had just got the bomb, which he was going to custom paint and hang it in the garage. When I told him about the comment that my friend made about the corny dog being "The Bomb" he said that's it "The Bomb Fried Pies, I'll paint it and hang it from the front of the trailer and it will be our sign!”

3.    What made you decide to have a food truck rather than a brick and mortar restaurant?

Answer: We actually were in Austin at a car show called " The Lone Star Round-up" and saw a vintage Shasta cupcake trailer, I had been making fried pies for awhile for Pat and his hot rod buddies when they were hanging out in the garage working on cars and had always wanted a concession stand!

When I saw the Shasta cupcake trailer and the others on South Congress I thought that's it, we'll find a cute vintage trailer that we could pull with a vintage car and go to car shows and sell pies! We are wanting to park the trailer in a location (like they do on South Congress in Austin) but as you know, Dallas is a little behind on this type of concept, so until that happens we will continue to do car shows, festivals, and other events that are trailer friendly.

4.    What is your favorite menu item?

Answer: I'm not crazy about sweets, Pat's favorite fried pie is the apple; I like the fried guacamole, and occasionally, I add a mean fried bologna sandwich to the menu!

5.    What has been the biggest reward of having a food truck?

Answer: We enjoy meeting people at the different events. As you could probably tell we're really into everything vintage and unique, the trailer- 1965 Shasta, the car- 1960 Ford Sunliner, the bomb- 1965 USN practice bomb, the music we play is vintage 50's & 60's TV sitcoms, we even have old photos of our friends and relatives that grew up in the 50's & 60's on the back window of the trailer. All these things remind us of a simpler time and we hope it makes people smile!

6.    What has been the biggest challenge of having a food truck?

Answer: Probably finding places to go set up. Our goal is to have the trailer at a permanent location where people can come to us. It's a little tricky setting up our trailer each time, not quite like a food truck that's self contained.

7.    Most marketing for food trucks is through social media, do you see that as a benefit or challenge to you and why?

Answer: When we started, we were just kind of going to different shows and events that other food vendors were doing and finding out about them pretty much by word of mouth. Then our friend's daughter started her own website to showcase her passions & hobbies, She showcased "The Bomb Fried Pies" on her Nick's Pick page, a memorial to her dad. contacted me through Sugarderby for a story about our food. I was told that I needed a way to be contacted because people would want to know where they could find us, so now they can find us on Facebook. Facebook has been a big benefit for us so now we are easy to contact.

8.    You spent most days of this summer on a food truck, where can we find you when you aren’t on a truck.

Answer: I'm usually at home, just doing home stuff.

9.    If you could only cook one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Answer: I'm not sure, but it would probably be fried.

10. What would you like to see in the DFW food truck scene in the next two years?

Answer: I would like to see more opportunities for true small, mom & pop type trailers/ trucks that just want to serve good food at a reasonable price to returning customers that we know by name, simple and satisfactory, just like the good ole days.

You can follow The Bomb Fried Pies on Facebook. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Updates - 9/11/11

I've made a couple of updates to the blog that I hope will be helpful to everyone.

  1. I've updated the list of trucks to include the type of food and whether they are currently on the road. Please note that I am taking the description of the food from the truck's website or Facebook account. Menus change, so don't hold me to the descriptions. 
  2.  I've sorted the list several different ways, so now you can click on different links, depending on whether you want to search by name, food type, primary city or whether the truck is currently on the road. Links are provided on the top of the far left hand column, under DFW Food Truck Lists.  
  3. I have updated the links, so that when you clink on the name of a truck I have visited or had a sneak preview with it will take you directly to that write up. Links to the truck's website, Facebook page and Twitter account will always be included in the write up. If I haven't yet written about a truck, the link will take you to the truck's website or Facebook page.

 I hope you find these updated helpful. If there is any information that is not correct or broken links, please let me know and I will get them corrected.

DFW Food Trucks as of September 10, 2011

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