Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Truck Talk Tuesday - Good Karma Kitchen

One of the things I have enjoyed most about the food trucks is meeting people, not only the other customers but those who are bringing the trucks to life each day. These men and women are incredibly passionate about what they are doing and the food they are serving. I was also noticing that they all had a story of how their truck came about and how their life evolved in to being a part of one of the fastest growing small business concepts, not only in DFW but in the US. Each week I will share these stories in “Truck Talk Tuesday”.

This week we meet Megan and Christina of Good Karma Kitchen.

Good Karma Kitchen has hit the streets with limited services offering up a taste of their gluten-free vegetarian cuisine. Soon they'll be headed to the Fort Worth Food Park where they'll be serving up their eats Thursday - Sunday. Last night, Good Karma Kitchen posted a notice that they were providing gluten-free Thanksgiving pre-orders on their website (http://www.thegoodkarmakitchen.com).  I decided to get the inside scoop and the girls of Good Karma Kitchen were more than happy to provide some insight.

Question: How did your first service go?  
Answer: We had a great time and learned so much about what people are looking for and   how we can provide the best gluten-free vegetarian options we can. It was a ton of work, we're still exhausted, but it was the best feeling in the world to watch people eating and enjoying our food. It's amazing to see people who have lived without something as simple as a delicious piece of cake eating one of our chocolate dreams and smiling from ear to ear. Equally as enjoyable was having someone come up to the truck and ask "are you sure there is no meat in this meatball?"             

Question:  I saw your post about the gluten-free Thanksgiving items. What made you decide to make that an option? 
Answer: Well gluten is a protein that is found in rye, wheat and barley. Unfortunately, most conventional holiday items contain this protein. Everything from gravy, to desserts, to stuffing are off the table for those suffering from gluten sensitives or Celiac Disease. We've had to make two sets of Thanksgiving meals before because many family members just don't want to try something new. Making one holiday meal is hard enough and there are many families out there who have to make two: one gluten-free and one traditional.  We wanted to give people peace of mind and give them something they never thought they'd have again...a delicious holiday meal.
Rejuvination Flatbread
Question:  So what is Celiac Disease? I see gluten-free popping up on restaurant menus all the time.  
Answer: Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestines and prevents the bodies ability to absorb valuable nutrients. While some people are allergic to wheat, Celiac Disease is not an allergy but an immune reaction to the gluten protein. Even a small amount of this protein can make people very, very sick. Even though restaurants are offering gluten-free items, we can tell you from personal experience that people have a very good chance of getting sick from cross-contamination. For instance, using a fryer for a french fry dusted with flour can contaminate a french fry not coated with flour if cooked in the same oil. Some restaurants are careful but many are not. It's why it was so important for us to have our food truck be 100% gluten-free.

Question:  Are you guys going to reveal your opening day menu for the food park? I'm excited for the sushi! 

Answer: Lol. Is it bad to say that we love our sushi? It's really just so different from what you find at restaurants. Right now we're going to offer traditional futamaki style rolls but will certainly throw in some different types of maki to mix it up. We're still working on our opening day menu but I can tell you that we'll have a nice variety of desserts including lemon bars and our best seller so far...chocolate dream. The opening day menu should be posted the day after Thanksgiving but you can count on our meatball and barbecue sandwiches being on the menu. We're also making sure that nearly all of our menu items can be made vegan.
Chocolate Dream & Macaroons
Question:  Have you gotten many comments on the name Good Karma Kitchen?  
Answer: We have! Megan actually thought of it in her sleep! Everyone in the family thought it was perfect. I think what we love most about it is that it gives us the ability to be more free with our menu. We really wanted a name that conveyed that we're not just one type of truck. We work on rotating menus so someone can come back each week for an entire year and never get the same meal twice. We'll keep our staples on the menu but we want some fun things to...look for specials like citrus curry, build-your-own stir fry and Sunday Dinners where we'll cook up country-fried steak with all the fixings. We truly want to share our food with people and really love what we do.
You can follow Good Karma Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter to find out where their truck Lucy will be until the Fort Worth Food Truck Park opens. Be sure to visit their website to place your order for gluten-free Thanksgiving items!


  1. Good stuff...looking forward to it. My favorite part is giving those that can't eat the good stuff like desserts, the chance to finally indulge.


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