Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat Street News

I recently signed on to be an Eat St. Silver Spoon, which is a dream come true since Eat St. was the inspiration for my starting this blog. As a Silver Spoon, I will be communicating with the Eat St. team about all the food truck activities in DFW. (Which I hope inspires them to come film here!) And I will be bringing the trucks and my followers news from Eat St. 

Eat St. currently has a contest going where trucks can submit a video, which will then be voted on by fans. The winning truck will be filmed for a segment on Eat St. Several DFW trucks have already submitted videos and they are great. You can watch them here. Eat St. has extended the deadline to submit a video until January 5, so even more DFW trucks can submit videos. Wouldn't it be cool if every DFW truck had a video?  Eat St. is also uploading all the videos to their very cool truck tracking app, so you can  find your favorite truck and watch their video, at the same time. How cool is that?

So, what if your favorite truck owner doesn't want to make a video?  You can do it and submit it for them!  How cool would that be if your video won on behalf of a truck? I would think they would have to name an item after you, at the very least!  

All the details on how to submit the video are here.  Whether you are a truck owner or customer, I hope to see forty plus videos from the Metroplex!  If you have questions about the video that aren't answered on the site, feel free to contact Corey Dilley, Invoke Media,  604-398-6028.

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  1. Some of the food trucks are worth trying. It depends on your taste.


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