Saturday, October 29, 2011

So-Cal Tacos: Its ALL Good

My first encounter with So-Cal Tacos was when owner, Scott Wooley called me up and offered some free salsa, just because he  needed to get out of the house. (I think 4 kids under 5 will do that to you). From that first meeting I knew then that Scott wasn't going to be a low key truck owner and after tasting his salsa, I knew we were in for some awesome food.

Before I get to the food, I have to tell you about Woody, Scott's truck. Woody is a really cool truck that sets the whole California vibe. The red wrap catches your attention and makes you want to see what Woody is bringing today. The 1960 Hobie Surfboard spending a second life as a menu board makes you think one of the surfer greats is about to come down off the truck in their board shorts and hit the waves. Add in the cool music Scott has going and this truck is a fun experience all the way around! The fact that Scott is absolutely the nicest guy I have ever met makes this a truck that you will want to visit again and again.

Scott created the So-Cal concept after moving back to Texas and not being able to find the type of Mexican food that he and his wife missed after having lived in California for several years. The tacos and burritos are fresh with unique toppings that make you wonder if you really ever want a Tex-Mex taco again.

My favorite is the Newport, a steak taco with a relish on top that is cool and refreshing and blends well with the steak pieces. I actually enjoyed the relish as much as I did the killer salsa that has made So-Cal famous.  On my second visit to the truck, Scott was recommending what he called "old school street sauce" for the Newport. I was really skeptical about adding the sauce because really, why mess with a good thing? But I took Scott's word and the Old School Street Sauce was fantastic. Its a tad spicy with the right zing of vinegar to bring out the flavor of the steak. When the spice of the sauce mixes with the sweet of the relish, it really is an amazing taste.

I also really like the Game Changer, a honey chipotle grilled salmon taco, topped with lettuce and feta cheese. It is very flavorful and the honey glaze mixes well with the feta. The salmon is flaky and perfectly grilled, without being dry like some salmon can be.

On Woody's windows are signs that say "Bring It" and "Brought It", its obviously Scott and his crew are bringing it every single day. This truck is one of a kind and its ALL good!  You can follow So-Cal on Facebook and Twitter. They visit a lot of areas that the other trucks haven't reached yet, so they may be in your area, if so, go see Woody and spend a few minutes in So-Cal.


  1. I had the nachos yesterday and they were the best I'd ever eaten. The chips never got soggy and you get so much for your money. I will always eat off of this truck.

  2. I ate from this truck on yesterday and OMG it is so good. I had the nachos. There was not one soggy chip and you get more for your money. I will always eat here.
    2 thumbs up
    5 stars

  3. Just want to say that i ran into this guy at the hospital i was way over loaded with stuff going on just want to thank him for that lil bit of time i got to express my self and get some things off my shoulders ..thank you very much Robert ..........please keep us in you prayers we still have a long road ahead of us


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