Saturday, October 1, 2011

3 Men and A Taco: Its Not What You Think

This is Texas and tacos are on every corner, or so it seems. So, when I am looking for something unique to eat, I don't generally think of food trucks with "taco" in their name. Big mistake on my part. BIG, BIG mistake and one for which I owe 3 Men and a Taco my deepest apologies. 

This truck is unique, in so many ways:

First, it has to be the most colorful truck in DFW, in terms of number of colors on the truck. 

Second, the menu is incredible. Their definition of taco and mine are no where near the same. 3 Men's tacos are African influenced, along with the rest of their menu. As flavorful as these were, it is almost a shame to lump them under the generic "taco" label. 

I had the Jerk Chicken taco, which was made up of shredded chicken with jerk seasoning, potatoes, quince, pear, and parsnips, dazzled with yogurt sauce and served on a flour tortilla. At the recommendation of the woman taking orders, I added on the lime sauce. The seasonings on the meat were amazing. I don't think I have ever had so many flavors hitting my tongue at the same time before. 

Next up was the Doro Watt, an Ethiopian chicken taco made with slow cooked onions, homemade Niter Kebbeh and Berberé.(spice mixtures) Again, amazing flavor with the meat. The Doro Watt was spicy but not burn your mouth spicy but enough to let you know this wasn't any Texas chicken taco.  It also left me wishing I had ordered a second one. 

My only negative with these tacos is that the flour tortilla left much to be desired in terms of a wrap. I will even go so far as to say the tortilla took away from the taco, like it was an after thought of, "oh, we need something to tone down this amazing meat,we should the blandest thing we can find". The tortillas being cold didn't really help me be convinced that they should be part of the experience.

But cold tortillas aside, I cannot wait to try any of the many unique, African inspired items on 3 Men's menu. It wasn't until after I ordered that I saw they have fried plantains on the menu. I am especially anxious to try those. 

You can follow 3 Men on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to visit them soon and remember, they aren't serving what you would probably define as a "taco" and I for one am glad.

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  1. Spent the weekend dining @ the Fort Worth food park. Hit up Sahmm Korean Bbq........4 out out of 4 on the OMG scale, Foods tastes as good as the pictures imply. WTH are Kimchi fries you ask? Fries on steroids they are that good. The Sahmm dog is so much flavor you will never eat another to top it. Could offer a crispy taco shell. Ate at Salsa Limon......wowser.... restaraunt quality and falvor on a truck. quesadilla was awesome but the sauce is the kicker.......... give it 3.7 OMG's for not having free Pico and a dollop of sour cream with the order, or even melted queso over it. Gimme something to flavor it up other than salsa. Next tried the Bacon Wagon....... its 4.5 of 4 OMG's just for the simple fact they make fresh french toast with the perfect fried egg on it then add to it...bacon. It was like biting into two mapley clouds of joy then the perfectly gooey yolk flavor hits your tongue..these guys can cook..... did I mention BACON?
    Tonight I am having some cheese toast from Lee's and maybe a slice of Pizza from Gepetto's.
    Thank you food truck foodie for this site. This is going to be my new hangout for food. I used to always hit up the normal run, Chang's, Cheesecake factory, and anywhere serving a good steak. It was time for a change and with trucks like these serving food like this..... change is here. I guess this was what Obama was talking about.


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