Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happiness is REALLY in the frosting! - Trailercakes

I have wanted to visit Trailercakes for weeks but their schedule and mine generally do not mesh since we are on opposite sides of Dallas during their opening hours. I was looking forward to trying them at the Food Truck Rally; unfortunately, Mr. Heatmiser had other plans for me that day and took over before I made it through the Trailercakes line. Luckily, Trailercakes took advantage of their temporary special events permit to set up for a second round at Sigel’s Greenville Avenue on Saturday evening. (That special events permit is a whole separate post.)

My only real concern about Trailercakes being out and about was that they could sell out of my flavors of choice before I finished my Saturday errands and made my way to Sigels. But the ladies at Trailercakes addressed that concern early in the week with an announcement that they would be taking pre-orders, which would have a 20% discount attached. Does it get better than that? I didn’t think so, but actually it did. Not only did they take pre-orders but gave me the option of paying at pick up or they could email me an invoice. I love convenience.

Trailercakes offered six of their approximately eighteen flavors of either mini or standard size for pre-order. Hearing that I was going to be in her neighborhood, a friend invited me to bring the cupcakes over to her house and we had our own tasting panel with four kids and four adults. I thought with that many people I would get a variety of opinions. Wrong! The only opinion that differed from “these are so good” was “I wish we had more”.

PB&J:  We almost had a scuffle over these; who knew adults and kids both love PB&J?  White cake, layer of jelly and a whipped peanut butter frosting, with a Nutter Butter stuck on top.  We all loved it!

Hitched: White cake, white frosting. It should be boring, but it wasn’t. I loved the moist cake and the frosting was just the right sweetness. The cute flower and pearl on top was a cute touch; it almost made me want to have a wedding and have these as the cake.

Slap Your Mama: my friend took a bite of this and turned to her Mama and said, “you have to taste this”. (Maybe they should rename these “feed your mama”.) This chocolate frosing was amazing!  If there was any doubt that thefrosing wasn’t handmade, this bit of chocolately decadence removed it. This is a chocolate lovers dream come true, especially with the bits of chocolate in the chocolate cupcake.

Main Squeeze: As much as I love chocolate, this was my favorite cake of the night. It has just the right tanginess of lemon without being too much. The frosting was very tasty and the little piece of lemon candy on top made it all turn to perfection. My friend’s dad who generally is a man of few words said, “that was seriously good”. That seriously said it all!

Strawberry Fields: Honestly, in comparison to the rest of the cakes, this one was my lowest rating. After eating it, I looked at the description…white chocolate with strawberry frosting. That explains it; I am not a fan of white chocolate. But, if you are I suspect you will love this cake.

Cookie Monster: By far, the favorite of the kids. White cake, Oreo bottom, marshmallow filling and frosting that tasted like cookies & cream ice cream. How could it not be a favorite?  

Overall, these are the best commercial cupcakes I have found in Dallas. They are moist and tasty. All of the frostings were full of flavor, not too sweet and not too bland. As if the taste was not reason enough, the presentation really raises the cakes to the next level, in my opinion.   The cute little cookies or candies on the top really finish things off. The packaging is adorable. As Trailercakes’ slogan says, the happiness is in the frosting and this food truck does a great job with its frosting!

Trailercakes operates out of a commercial kitchen in Richardson Tuesday through Friday. Bubbles, their trailer is out for special events. Follow Trailercakes on Facebook and Twitter to find out their flavors of the day, which include approximately twelve others than the ones I had this weekend. 

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  1. anxious to try Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. I am in DFW in another week for 2 weeks after that and plan to hit up Trailercakes for an order, no doubt! My birthday falls in that time frame... huh? Huh? Discount maybe??


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