Friday, September 16, 2011

Chowing Down with Jack's Chowhound

The first time I visited  Jack's Chowhound was at the Sigel's Food Truck Round Up in August. On that visit, I ordered the spicy steak sammy, which was quite yummy; unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.  But trust me the the fajita meat on the Hawaiian bread was very tasty.

 The Chowhound seems to be one of those elusive trucks that I hear much about but that is never easily accessible to me, so I was very excited that it was going to be in my area last Friday night. I had my kiddo with me, which is always a plus; I get to order two items and convince her to share, in the name of blogging.

 Our first item was one I had heard many raves about, the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. Now I understand the raves. The shredded pork had a great taste with a combination subtle sweet and spicy flavor. The cheese was melted in to the pork and added a rich flavor that didn't overwhelm but let you know it was there. It was put together on Texas toast that was grilled with butter, to a nice brown, not too crispy but enough to be a true grilled sandwich. I loved this item and look forward to another soon.

 The second item was the meatball sliders. This had been the item I wanted to order at the Truck Rally but they ran out before I made it through the line. Between the two, the pulled pork was my favorite but the meatball sliders were good. The meatballs were nice sized and had a nice meaty flavor, they did seem a tad dry but that's probably my preference of meat more on the rare to medium side of cooking. The provolone cheese added a nice mild Italian flavor and the sauce added a rich flavor that pulled everything together. I loved that this sandwich was served on Hawaiian bread. The sweet flavor was a nice contrast to the hearty meat and cheese.

 As an extra treat, Chowhound serves Coca-Cola in bottles. This makes me so happy. Those bottles of Coke made with real sugar are few and far between, I'm so glad Chowhound has them!

Thanks Chowhound for a great dinner for the kiddo and I, we will be back soon! You can find Jack's Chowhound on Twitter and Facebook.

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