Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ssahm BBQ - Korean Tacos

This week's food truck visit was a real adventure for me as I had never had Korean food, of any type. I had read quite a few positive reviews of SsahmBBQ on Twitter and Facebook, so it was absolutely time to see what I had been missing.

I started with a taco, which I ordered with beef short rib, making it a Kalbi taco.

The taco came with the meat, a sesame soy vinaigrette slaw, caramelized kimchee, cilantro, and onions. Quick note for those, like me, who are not familiar with Korean food, kimchee is a spicy, pickled cabbage condiment that is standard in Korean food.

What a mixture of flavors! It was spicy, not in an overwhelming way but in way that made you think, "wow, that's spicy" and then quickly the heat went away. The meat was very tender and melted in my mouth. Next time I will have to try the Daeji (pork) or Ddak (chicken). For those who are vegetarian, Ssahm also offers Dubu (tofu).  Any of the meats can be put on a taco, quesedilla or burrito.

In what I thought would be a side item, I ordered the Kimchee Fries. 

This could have been my full meal. 

These are cheese fries on steroids!  The base is hand cut potatoes, fried just enough to be extremely soft. Then the fries were topped with cheese, cilantro, onion, kimchee, a spicy mayo based dressing and your choice of meat.  Pork was recommended, so that's what I ordered. Oh my goodness!  I truly could have made a meal of these fries. The melted cheese, the spicy slaw, the spicy dressing, the tender meat and the super soft potatoes were a mix of taste that I wasn't expecting. These fries are filling though. I wish I had ordered them and nothing else; since I ate the taco first about half the fries went to waste, which was a real shame.

I highly recommed SaahmBBQ. Their location of the day is posted not only on their website but also on Facebook and Twitter.

Please don't wait as long as I did to try Korean food, I really feel like I missed something!

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  1. Kimchee Fries were AWESOME!!! I didn't know they had meat on them. Super YUM! Tried a few tacos...not enough meat, too much slaw, but the meat I did have had really good flavor.


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