Friday, August 19, 2011

So-Cal Salsa is So Good!

So-Cal Tacos is a truck that is not yet on the roads of Fort Worth but is already making up batches of salsa and sharing it around the Metroplex. This week, Scott the owner of So-Cal Tacos brought some salsa to me for sampling. I am forever grateful for his hospitality!

The first thing you notice is this salsa isn't your normal pureed, Tex-Mex salsa. This is more a very finely chopped salsa, reminiscent of a pico de gallo.  A very tasty pico de gallo.

Scott's inspiration for this salsa is the salsa found in Southern California, hence the name of his truck. It seems that after moving to Texas, Scott and his family couldn't find the style of salsa they had come to love. So, as any homesick chef would do, he made his own. Then he couldn't find tacos that were "like home", so he made his own. And a menu was created and ultimately a truck was born.

This salsa is extremely flavorful and some of my co-worker / taste-testers tried to break down the recipe but there were just too many flavors to guess them all. It certainly isn't your corner Mexican restaurant's watery tomato-based flavor. The version we had a was mild but every once in a while a warm bite would sneak in, just to remind you that this wasn't your average chips and dip.

I am anxiously awaiting So-Cal Taco's rolling on to the streets of Fort Worth. I can almost taste a chicken taco topped with this fabulous salsa! Be sure to follow So-Cal on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their truck opening date, you don't want to miss this salsa!


  1. Oh my gosh! I've had his salsa... It rocks!5 stars fresh and scrumptious. It's ALL GOOD

  2. I might open a food truck in the future, i can make some amazing salsas.. i want to do some insane fusion stuff that I have had a lot of ideas for.


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