Monday, August 1, 2011

Sassy Hot Dogs

Confession time, hot dogs are my guilty pleasure. I know, I know they have a reputation of being unhealthy and just all around yucky; but every now and then, I just want to relive the carefree days of youth and just eat something because I want to. This weekend had one of those days. Once I found out that July was National Hot Dog Month, it just seemed like I would not be acknowledging my guilty pleasure if I didn't have a hot dog. I mean the month was almost over, I had to do my part, right?

So, off I went to far south Fort Worth to visit Sassy Hot Dogs.

These aren't your corner fast food restaurant dogs, at all. You want Chicago dogs? They have them. You want New York dogs? You want Mexican dogs? They have them. You want plain wiener in a bun? They have them.

This is the Chili Cheese Dog.  

So much to say about this dog.... first, the bun.  An unbelievably fresh, soft bun. Amazingly soft yet it held the dog together without getting soggy.  Then the wiener: 100% all beef, none of those scary by-products, it actually tasted like real meat. But the star of this dog was the chili. Homemade, real beef chili. Honestly, I would love to have another bowl of just the chili.   A knife and fork are included, you aren't picking this dog up with your hands. At least not without a bib.

Just for comparison sake, here is the plain dog. You can tell how fresh the bun is. That's no kiddie size (or tasting) dog.

Along with a dozen or so variations on the hot dog, Sassy also has several variations of hamburgers, tacos, egg rolls, fresh cut fries and fried pickles.

Sassy even offers a dessert item.

Fried Marshmallows! 

Don't those look good?  

A giant marshmallow wrapped in a light dough and then deep fried.   Then, the perfectly fried little balls are rolled in cinnamon and sugar. You cannot even dream of how good these babies are.  Actually, I am dreaming about them right now, specifically dreaming of a crisp fall day with a cup of hot chocolate and some fried marshmallows, it sounds like the perfect afternoon, please don't wake me.

I'm so glad I visited Sassy to celebrate National Hot Dog month. The best chili dog I have ever had,with an awesome dessert. Thanks Sassy, I will be back soon!

Be sure to check out Sassy Facebook page and check out some new specials, their location and hours.

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