Monday, August 1, 2011

Green House Truck

Occasionally, I really do want to eat healthy. Last week had one of those days, but it was also too hot to cook at home, so I had to find a food truck that served healthy food.   As luck would have it, the same week   Green House Truck was back on the road after a brief break. "Green House", it just sounds healthy, right?  So off I went to find what is self-described as "a healthy, local, chef driven truck".

Since everything is made fresh daily Greenhouse has a limited menu. Not to worry, everything you need to satisfy your taste buds are available and since the menu is seasonal, I am never going to run out of options to try.

The soup of the day on this particular day was Watermelon Ginger Gazpacho. I had never had gazpacho, but I knew it was suppose to be served cold and I knew the weather was hot, so it just seemed like the right thing to order.

Holy chilled soup, Batman! Was it ever!

How beautiful is that?  

A cool, flavorful mixture of watermelon and various veggies and spices. The soup had been pureed long enough to not have chunks but not too long so that it still had small bits to add a very nice texture. I am not kidding when I say I could have eaten a second (and possibly third) cup of this gazpacho. 

Instead of vats of gazpacho, I also had the Green House salad.

A mixture of greens, cucumbers and red and yellow cherry tomatoes along with added chicken breast. What a salad! The veggies were fresh and cool but the real flavor came from the chicken which were perfectly cooked with an amazing, mild lemon herb flavor.  The balsamic vinaigrette was a very tasty addition to a very tasty salad.   

As I was eating the chicken I was thinking about how good it would be on a sandwich. Luckily, Green House anticipated my thoughts and they offer a ciabatta sandwich, with your choice of chicken, miso flank steak or portobello mushroom. It is going to be so hard to decide which to try for my next healthy meal, but I assure you that I will eventually try them all.

In addition to their website, Green House can be found on Facebook.   I hope you visit them soon and have a healthy, very tasty meal.... order the Watermelon Ginger Gazpacho and thank me for the suggestion!


  1. That gazpacho has my mouth watering!

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I really appreciate your support,
    Chef Ben

  3. Any truck wanting to come to Frisco on a regular basis?


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