Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nammi Truck

When I first heard that gourmet food trucks were entering DFW, I started Googling to see what trucks were already rolling the streets. The first one I found was the Nammi Truck.   Luckily for me, they were going to be in my area the following Tuesday.  I have eaten there many Tuesdays since.

Today was a special visit to Nammi, as I brought along several co-workers, who are usually not excited about my adventures in food. Honestly, I think they came along today just to say did and hoped I would quit talking about it. They were very surprised when every one of them loved and and wanted to know when and where else they could find Nammi.

First up, my grilled pork bahn mi.

That is a full 12 inch sandwich on extremely soft baguette bread.  Topping off the grilled pork is a combination of garlic mayo, cucumbers, pickled daikons and carrots, cilantro and jalapenos.  The bahn mi can be topped off with a side of the spicy mayo dressing or my personal favorite, creamy cilantro dressing. Everything is fresh, crisp and all of those flavors melding together is simply amazing.   If pork (grilled or barbecued) is not your thing, lemongrass beef, lemongrass chicken, or tofu are also available.

All orders are custom made and even egg or pate can be added. One person from our group ordered just bread and pork and was very happy with the flavor. I've also seen someone order the sandwich without the bread, which has now become a regular menu item, the Nammi Bowl, scheduled to launch in August.

If a 12 inch sandwich seems a bit much, you can also order a Vietnamese Taco.

Same ingredients of the bahn mi, but on corn tortilla. Yum, yum, yum!

Nammi also has some extras that really make everything come together.  The basil lemonade is the perfect drink for these hot summer days. Or if coffee is your beverage of choice, they have a light, tasty iced Vietnamese coffee.

In the mood for something sweet with that iced coffee?  The truck has a full shelf of sweet treats from Japan.  Who can resist some Yan Yan cookies?

Every time I have been to Nammi, there has been a steady flow of customers. Following along on Facebook, they frequently post that they sell out of meats on a regular basis. So, I encourage you to check their website for the daily locations (they move all over Dallas, Irving and Addison for both lunch and dinner), show up early and prepare to taste a very flavorful sandwich and meet Gary and Teena, 2 of the nicest people you will ever want to have a meal with.


  1. I stopped by today for one of the "Nammi bowls" with my friend Kelly who is credited as the first person to ask for the banh mi sandwich without the bread. Great blend of flavors and textures. Can't wait for my next visit...may have to go for the full sandwich!!

  2. Melissa ShackelfordJuly 27, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    I have to say, I am typically one of those people who turn my nose up to different types of foods than the "norm"... I normally wouldn’t even try things like this, but have fallen in love. My husband is the one who will take the leap out there and try new things as I stand behind and watch... it was a nice change to call him and say, YOU MUST EAT AT THE NAMMI TRUCK for dinner! He did and was so pleased. He loved the food, he loved the experience, and really liked Gary and Teena. We are now following the Nammi truck on Facebook and are even getting my mom to go this week when they are going to be near her work!!! Thanks Steph for inviting me and allowing me to experience the Nammi truck.. I am HOOKED..I am already looking forward to next week... Melissa Shackelford

  3. I, like Melissa, am not very adventurous when it comes to food. In fact, I've never even had the desire to try Vietnamese food much less am I a fan of much Asian type cuisine. So the first time I went to the Nammi truck with Stephanie, it was for the fun experience of a food truck and having viewed the menu ahead of time I thought..."well, I could probably eat some of this minus a few ingredients". I absolutely enjoyed my first Vietnamese taco (in fact I ate two of them) only leaving off the Daikon, radishes & jalapenos. I also tried the basil lemonade and it was nice and refreshing.

    So, this week, I was more than eager to join for another round. I didn't venture much, but rather limited myself to just one taco, this time with chicken instead of grilled pork. Still love it! I can actually say I like the blend of flavors on these tacos much better than a traditional mexican taco (and I'm part mexican!) Never thought I'd eat food from a truck, but this is a must try. And I might be more inclined to venture out to try more food trucks in the future thanks to Steph. (Oh, by the way, I did make a stop for a special cupcake from a food truck in Austin this past weekend too!)


  4. My husband's comment about the Bahn Mi was "There's too much meat". I love to eat, but I also thought there was too much meat on my tacos which ended up falling apart. I guess it's not the worst thing to happen :)

  5. Wow. Tried the grilled pork tacos...AMAZING! Meaty, spicy and flavorful. Two thumbs up!

  6. So delicious, or as my 3 year old said it, "yummy in my tummy." Love the crunch of the cool veggies with the flavorful meat. Love the bread too. Can't wait to try a different type of banh mi next time!!!


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