Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bomb Fried Pies & Fried Guacamole

On Saturday, I headed out to Mesquite to try The Bomb Fried Pies & Fried Guacamole. I wasn't sure what to expect especially since its been many years since I had eaten a fried pie. 

Set up in the parking lot of a local car wash, the Bomb's Trailer certainly was an eye catcher. The old school travel trailer, painted a pale pink and pulled by a 1960s Ford Thunderbird let me know this was going to be a fun visit.  

I was greeted by Brenda, the owner, who had a bubbly personality that fit right in to the retro decor of the trailer. Brenda told me that The Bomb has been around since September, mostly visiting festivals and this was her first visit to this particular location. I'll say now that I hope its not the last, I would hate to think that I have to start visiting every festival in the DFW area to have another pie. 

Brenda took my order and let me know that each pie was made on the spot. Already my mouth was watering at the thought of a hot pie. 

First up, the Fried Guacamole.  

Can I get a yum!  I usually like my guac cold, with lots of chips. But that might have all changed yesterday. The homemade guac was smooth and tasty and the flaky crust was probably better than any tortilla chips I have ever had. The side of salsa was a nice addition but honestly, I didn't want anything to take away from the crust/guac mix, so I didn't use much of it. 

Next up, dessert. The Bomb serves apple, peach, cherry and apricot pies. I ordered a cherry and somehow ended up with both an apple and a cherry. I am choosing to believe that the fates wanted me to try both... and who I am to argue with fate. 

Yum! Apple in a light, flaky crust. The powdered sugar melted in to the crust was the perfect topping. 

Big juicy apple chucks,warm from the fryer.

I was very happy with my trip to The Bomb and hope to visit again soon!

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